Insurance companies and insurance

Central Cooperative Bank

Financial and insurance services, credit and financial management Central Cooperative Bank provides financial and insurance services, credit and financial management, pension insurance

Bank - Societe Generale Expressbank

Societe Generale Expressbanks mission is to support clients in their financial projects and enable them to realize their objectives. To foster development, Societe Generale Expressbank implements...

92 Vl. Varnenchik Str. - Head Office

Garage and dealership - Auto-Trans Ltd SAGA

Dealership SAGA offers roadside assistance to seven tons. all insurance companies, eco-tax imports from Turkey, shipping to Turkey and back, etc.. Dealership SAGA has long experience in selling used...

Stara Zagora

Motor workshop - ET Mepeks - Peter Shterev

Repair, maintenance and upgrade of sports cars Mepeks motor workshop deals with repair and maintenance of sports cars, offers tires mounting , insurance and Annual Technical Review. Mepeks motor...

30 Zvezda str.

Transport - Atlas Cargo Ltd.

International transport and logistics Atlas Cargo Ltd. provides services in international transport and logistics.

Letisten komplex

Yearly vehicle inspections and insurance in Sofia | GTP 1166 Ltd

GTP 1166 Ltd offers yearly technical inspections, as well as insurance policies. The company has built excellent image of a firm, that offers professional service at an affordable price.If you visit...

Sofia, bul. Asen Yordanov 17


BULSTRAD VIENNA INSURANCE GROUP performs all types of insurance and reinsurance services, such as: aviation and marine insurance cargo and property insurance motor insurance construction...

Factor I.N. PLC - financial services | Sofia

Factor I.N. PLC - financial services | Sofia

Sofia, 3 Yanko Sakazov Blvd, 2nd floor, office 2

Garage Korekt 2002

Repairs of cars, vans and commercial vehicles Since its establishment company Korekt-2002 Ltd. is engaged in maintenance and repairs of cars, vans and commercial vehicles. For the period 2002-2008...

5 Nadejda Blvd.

Insurances - Ross Ins Insurance broker

Ross Ins is a licensed insurance broker who offers all types of insurances of the leading insurance companies in Bulgaria Vehicle insurances related to the use of cars - Casco insurance,...

31 Makedonia Str

Insurances - Dinamika Ltd Insurance broker

Dinamika Ltd. is a licensed insurance broker, registered The insurance broker register to the Financial Supervision Commission. Offers insurances and insurance services, insurance of vehicles,...

1 Miladinov brothers Str

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