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Don Vito Pizza Restaurant

Don Vito pizza restaurants chain offers a variety of pizzas (pizza delivery, takeaway food), family pizza, lasagna, pasta, specialties of Italian cuisine, meals, Serbian grill, salads, drinks and...

37A Geo Milev Str

Catering, Snacks, Tents, Equipment Sofia – Viva Catering

If you need catering services, delivery of snacks, equipment and tents for rent, Viva Catering in Sofia is your company! Viva Catering will offer quality, professional attitude and a vast choice....

Slatina, 96 Slatinska Street

Chinese Restaurant Tsan Chun Ga

Chinese restaurant Tsan Chun Ga offers Chinese specialties The menu is rich and varied, suitable for the most discerning palates.

55 Vasil Levski Blvd

Fast food Subway

SUBWAY Restaurant offers a rich variety of sandwiches and cakes. Each sandwich is made especially for you, before your eyes, like you.

41 Slivnitsa Blvd.

Kids Kitchen Bulgarche

Kids Kitchen Bulgarche is the newest kids kitchen in the territory of Sofia. We offer a great solution for parents who want to provide their kids with delicious, fresh, and healthy food that is based...

Sofia, Sofia

Private Children's Kitchen Bambini

Private Children's Kitchen Bambini is the largest and most modern private children's food in the city of Burgas. Request for food for the next day is considered to 12.00. A detection Judicial points...

Burgas, Izgrev, Block 88

Ice and ice sculptures - Ice Company Ltd

Ice and ice sculptures - Ice Company Ltd

53 Polk. Sava Mutkurov Str

Events Factory Catering

Sofia, Shipchenski prohod Blvd, bl. 240

Fast food restaurant Le Chef | Varna

Fast food restaurant Le Chef | Varna

Varna, 7 Georgi Benkovski St

Pizza Toronto

Pizza prepared from an original Canadian recipe, a chocolate pizza Pizza Toronto is the only pizzeria in Sofia City where you can have pizza prepared from an original Canadian recipe. The pizzas are...

Velchova zavera, square Sofia, 1000
114 Nikola Mushanov Blvd.

Tavern Oreshak (Troyan Monastery) | Gorski kat

Tavern Gorski kat is located in Oreshak - just a few kilometers from Troyan and very close to the Troyan monastery. Here, in the tranquility of the mountain, you can enjoy a relaxing holiday in a...

Oreshak village

Mama Lusi Childrens Kitchen

Mama Lusi Childrens Kitchen has specialized kitchen for children from 8 months to 3 years, for kids from 3 to 6 years, and kitchen for the elderly. The kitchen was established in early 2006.For the 5...

3 Ohridsko ezero Str.
Office: Sofia, Ilinden, Bl. 65 211 Naicho Tsanov Str.

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