Taverns and pubs

Restaurant Armenia - Armenian cuisine

Armenia Restaurant in Varna is the only place on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, offering Armenian cuisine. Armenia Restaurant is located in the heart of the city, in a quiet and cozy street in the...

4 Filaret Str.

Hilez Tavern, Tryavna

Hilez Tavern, Tryavna

17 Stara Planina Str

Mehanche restaurant in Sofia center

Mehanche restaurant in Sofia center

49 Neofit Rilski Str.

Manastirska Magernitsa Restaurant

Manastirska Magernitsa Restaurant

67 Han Asparuh str

Ribkata restaurant

Ribkata restaurant

Razlog, 4 Maкedonia Str.

American pub SALOON

American pub SALOON is located on the territory of the National Racetrack about 3km from Sofia in the direction of town Bankia. The pub is very spacious and has 80 indoor and over 100 outdoor...

Bankya, 187 Stefan Stambolov str

Pub Obecanova Mehana

Obecanova Mehana is located right in the center of Bansko, close to cultural and historic monument - the Church of Sveta Troitsa. The tavern is one of the biggest and spacious old taverns, 180 seats...

Bansko, 1 Vazrazhdane Square

German pub Fenerite

German pub Fenerite - In a modest and cosy environment and in the company of old and new friends you can find a special offer – home made German and Austrian cuisine and old family recipes. You can...

Sofia, Lozenets

Rock Tavern and Restaurant Red Rock

Rock Tavern and Restaurant Red Rock is situated on the sea coast from where you can enjoy the magnificent view to Varna, the sea, and Galata. Rock Tavern and Restaurant Red Rock has 100 indoor...

Asparuhovo - beach

Ethnographic Complex Rodna stryaha, Gabarnitsa

Ethnographic Complex Rodna stryaha in the village of Gabarnitsa, municipality of Vetrino, region of Varna and is suitable for cultural tourism and eco-tourism. British style specials -...

Gabarnitsa village, Vetrino municipality, Varna region

Bansko Hotel - Tavern Matsurev Han

Bansko Hotel - Tavern Matsurev Han was built in the fall of 2006. It consists of two separate houses for accommodation, one of which is a renovated monument. The complex is skillfully and successfully...

15 Otets Paisii Str

Turkish Bath Tavern, Razlog

Turkish Bath Tavern in Razlog is an ideal place for those who are seeking household comfort. It has 150 seats with full air conditioning and aspiration. The tavern is on two levels. It will...

Central Park

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