Motor-service stations

Auto Service - Auto HONDA

Auto HONDA - service for Japanese and Korean cars

Zaharna fabrika, 13 Suhodol str.

Auto Service - Elite - Dragomir Petrov

Elite - Dragomir Petrov offers auto and spare parts, assembly parts and engines repair

Piazza freight taxis

Service Center Sofia Bosch Car

Service Center Sofia Bosch Car - offers motorcar repair services Auto Service Centre Sofia Bosch Car offers a full range of repairers services include: Car Care Services, General Services, Undercar...

Iskarsko shose Blvd., 111B

Spare parts for cars and trucks KARALINA 89

KARALINA 89 LTD offers import, sale and installation of spare parts for cars, light trucks and bulky spare parts Sale of original spare parts for American, Japanese and Korean cars. Karalina 89 Ltd....

47 San Stefano Str.

Truck Parts - Nelas Motors Ltd.

Genuine parts and accessories for trucks. Nelas Motors Ltd. offers genuine parts and accessories for trucks.

Plovdiv Str.

Auto Service - Eco Motors Auto

Installation of LPG car systems and installation of car alarms Eco Motors Company Ltd. is established in November 2006. Initially its main activity is the installation of LPG car systems and...

Storgozia 30

Car painting and repair - COLOR STYLE

COLOR STYLE offers car painting and repair services for cars, airbrushes, Vehicle care services

the main road E-79

Garage - KISS Auto

KISS Auto - car painting, repair of motor vehicles and engines, car care

Simeonovo, 3 Basil Str.

Motor workshop - ET Mepeks - Peter Shterev

Repair, maintenance and upgrade of sports cars Mepeks motor workshop deals with repair and maintenance of sports cars, offers tires mounting , insurance and Annual Technical Review. Mepeks motor...

30 Zvezda str.

Car batteries - Auto - Hobby - Joseph Popov

Batteries - verification, authentication and charging Auto - Hobby - Iosif Popov company is subject to verification activities, certification and battery charging. The company is official...

Blvd. Lyulin 10 bl. 109P

Autoservice TETI 90

Autoservice, car wash, roadside assistance, international transport Autoservice, car wash, roadside assistance, international transport: garage center for annual technical...

Vrajdrebna, Botevgradsko shose Blvd.

Autoservice, auto-parts, car painting Orakov

Orakov - Autoservice, auto-parts and car painting, tires, body shop repair

Pokrovishko shose

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