Tires, pots and window tint

Auto Service - Auto HONDA

Auto HONDA - service for Japanese and Korean cars

Zaharna fabrika, 13 Suhodol str.

Auto Service - Elite - Dragomir Petrov

Elite - Dragomir Petrov offers auto and spare parts, assembly parts and engines repair

Piazza freight taxis

Service Center Sofia Bosch Car

Service Center Sofia Bosch Car - offers motorcar repair services Auto Service Centre Sofia Bosch Car offers a full range of repairers services include: Car Care Services, General Services, Undercar...

Iskarsko shose Blvd., 111B

Тires - ADI 95 Ltd.

95 ADI Ltd sale and offers service of motorcycle and automobile tires and wheels, accessories for ATV and more.

93 Boicho Boychev Str.

Garage and dealership - Auto-Trans Ltd SAGA

Dealership SAGA offers roadside assistance to seven tons. all insurance companies, eco-tax imports from Turkey, shipping to Turkey and back, etc.. Dealership SAGA has long experience in selling used...

Stara Zagora

Motor workshop - ET Mepeks - Peter Shterev

Repair, maintenance and upgrade of sports cars Mepeks motor workshop deals with repair and maintenance of sports cars, offers tires mounting , insurance and Annual Technical Review. Mepeks motor...

30 Zvezda str.

Recycling - ECO FENIX Ltd.

Sorting out, processing and recycling of secondary row materials Еco Fenix Ltd. Svishtov is a young and modern company which is working in the field of redemption, sorting out, processing and...

14th Stoyan Nikov Str

Car parts - Eric - Rover 4X4 Motors Ltd.

Genuine parts for LAND ROVER Eric - Rover 4X4 Motors offers import directly from the manufacturer, marketing and online sales of genuine parts for all models of LAND ROVER. Eric - Rover 4X4 Motors...

4 Dimitar Angelov Str.

Rijko - Center for commercial tires

Rijko Center offers commercial tires and rims for trucks. All brands and sizes. New, regenerate and second use, installation and assembly. Wholesale and retail trade and service.

103 Plovdivska Str.

Autoservice, auto-parts, car painting Orakov

Orakov - Autoservice, auto-parts and car painting, tires, body shop repair

Pokrovishko shose

Buy cars for scrap AVTOTRANSSNAB

AVTOTRANSSNAB buy cars for scrap, issue a certificate of deregistration from the Police, transported with its own transport pays the site owner for old vehicles.

1 Elov dol Str.

Auto service and spare parts Saps - Spas Spasov

Auto Service Saps - Spas Spasov offers car repair, engine repair, repair and maintenance of vehicles. The company is a distributor-TECH CO LTD. We offer: spare parts, lubricants and tires for cars and...

8 Iskra Str.

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