Tow Vehicle , Roadside assistance

Service Center Sofia Bosch Car

Service Center Sofia Bosch Car - offers motorcar repair services Auto Service Centre Sofia Bosch Car offers a full range of repairers services include: Car Care Services, General Services, Undercar...

Iskarsko shose Blvd., 111B

Garage and dealership - Auto-Trans Ltd SAGA

Dealership SAGA offers roadside assistance to seven tons. all insurance companies, eco-tax imports from Turkey, shipping to Turkey and back, etc.. Dealership SAGA has long experience in selling used...

Stara Zagora

Tow Dobrudja

Tow Dobrudja deals with transport vehicles, transport trucks, transport, roadside assistance, transportation vehicles, transport machinery, transport custom designs etc...

46 3th Mart Blvd.

Motor workshop - ET Mepeks - Peter Shterev

Repair, maintenance and upgrade of sports cars Mepeks motor workshop deals with repair and maintenance of sports cars, offers tires mounting , insurance and Annual Technical Review. Mepeks motor...

30 Zvezda str.

KDK 2012 Petrol and gas station

KDK 2012 Petrol and gas station provides sale of petroleum products - offers fuel, gasoline, oils and qualitative LPG. Trade in fuels Automotive petrol Fuels for diesel engines Trade in...

Morava str., 18

Autoservice TETI 90

Autoservice, car wash, roadside assistance, international transport Autoservice, car wash, roadside assistance, international transport: garage center for annual technical...

Vrajdrebna, Botevgradsko shose Blvd.

ASK Racing Sport Autoservice

Auto Sport Racing ASA performs repairs and auto mounting activity of all brands and models of cars (chassis, engine, transmission). Automatic repair, Auto-electrical diagnostics Car wash Painting...

3 Fritiof Nansen Blvd.

Roadside assistance - RAYA 2002 Ltd.

Roadside assistance, repatriation and assistance 24 Hour roadside assistance for Sandanski, Bulgaria. Repatriation of cars, jeeps, vans, caravans, bobkati, mini excavators, forklifts, construction...

9 Taskata Serski Str.

Modules of suspension Petkov-Car Ltd

Petkov-Car Ltd offers a wide range of modules for any suspension, front and rear axles, etc.., Original shocks, all in perfect condition!

Black Sea

Roadside assistance Albena Expres

Albena Expres is one of the leading companies in Bulgaria and Europe that offers roadside assistance service. With years of experience, Albena Ekspress has established itself as a professional company...

34 Knyaz Al. Dondukov Blvd

Nonstop Road assistance ADAC - Express

ADAC - Express offers nonstop road accident assistance for cars and light trucks, forklifts and trucks. ADAC - Express offers Road assistance: tow in Sofia, Road assistance in Bulgaria, Road...

Krasna Polyana, 203 Suhodolska Str.

Garage Korekt 2002

Repairs of cars, vans and commercial vehicles Since its establishment company Korekt-2002 Ltd. is engaged in maintenance and repairs of cars, vans and commercial vehicles. For the period 2002-2008...

5 Nadejda Blvd.

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