Dry construction, suspended ceilings, insulation Konstru Mat 2000


Konstru Mat 2000 Ltd is a company with a tradition in dry construction, suspended ceilings, insulations (thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, waterproofing). Involved in the import and trade in building materials.

Konstru Mat 2000 Ltd is a direct importer and distributor of already successful on the market brands for building materials such as:

  • Knauf - dry construction systems
  • Ursa - glass insulation wool for the industry and construction and heat insulating material made ​​of extruded polystyrene (XPS);
  • Rockwool Denmark - mineral wool for the industry and construction;
  • OWA - suspended mineral fibreboard ceilings from Germany;
  • Knauf Insulation - mineral wool for the industry and construction;
  • Atiskan - dry construction mixtures

Warehouses for building materials Konstru Mat 2000

Konstru Mat 2000 has one of the largest warehouses for building materials in Varna. It offers more than 1000 items, including all the necessary consumables, fasteners and ground coatings for dry construction, suspended ceilings, insulations (internal and external insulation).

  • Plasterboard, Suspended Ceilings
  • Profiles for dry construction
  • Adhesives and coatings for dry construction and thermal insulation
  • Floor and wall tiles, joint fillers
  • Paste-shape mixtures, ground coating and plasters
  • Fasteners - dry construction, , thermal insulation
  • Angles, tapes and accessories for dry construction, 
  • Mineral wool - glass wool, stone wool
  • Thermal insulation (XPS, EPS), Waterproofing
  • PVC cladding
  • Laminate flooring
  • Paints and supplies, Acrylics, silicones, adhesives and assembly foam
  • Water supply and sewage
  • Ventilation systems
  • Door accessories
  • Electric materials
  • Garden and irrigation accessories
  • Tools and Supplies

Building materials for dry construction,  are contemporary technology which is  widely used. They replace the traditional slow and wet processes, provide fire protection, thermal and acoustic insulation of the sites and give a modern design of the interior of the buildings.

The rapidly increasing demand for them led to the development of the company and the opening of warehouses in Sofia, Veliko Tarnovo and Ruse - check out their location

The company owns trucks, via which makes the supplies of systems and products for the dry construction, suspended ceilings and insulations to the customers throughout Bulgaria. The company has a distribution network.

Our huge advantage is the direct relationship with the suppliers, which enables offering competitive prices on the domestic market for building materials.

Dry construction Konstru Mat 2000

Konstru Mat 2000 Ltd. has installation team of well-trained and educated professionals in the field of dry construction, some of whom have gained their experience abroad.

Under the skillful guidance of the technical leaders are executed at a level the most complex solutions for clients, architects and designers.

Proof of that are the sites in Varna and the country in where the company has participated with supply and installation of materials for dry construction, suspended ceilings, internal and external insulation.

The long and successful business of Konstru Mat 2000 is due to the combination of the experience and ambitions of their employees and managers. The company has proven itself over time, thanks to the successful implementation of the new technologies on the market, fair relationships towards manufacturers, distributors and customers.

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