Medical oncology clinic UMHAT Sveta Marina, Varna

Medical oncology clinic UMHAT Sveta Marina, Varna is a hospital which deals with treating cancer, malignant tumors, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, etc. Chemotherapy and targeted therapy which is performed here take place in the hospital by clinical pathway, funded by the National Health Insurance Fund (№ 298 Diagnosis and systemic drug treatment for solid tumors in individuals over 18 years). The hospital is a scientific and healing structure, dealing with the treatment according to „the Medical standards for systematic drug treatment of malignant solid tumors of” the Bulgarian oncology nursing society, 2009. Brain tumors Head and neck cancer Breast Cancer Lung cancer Pleural Mesothelioma Thymoma and Thymic carcinoma Esophageal cancer Stomach Cancer Pancreatic Cancer Hepatocellular carcinoma Bile Duct cancer Kidney cancer Colon and Rectal Cancer Ovarian cancer Endometrial cancer Cervical Cancer Bladder cancer Prostate cancer Testicular Cancer Sarcomas Malignant melanoma Oncology and medical oncology Oncology studies malignant tumors (carcinomas and sarcomas), and medical oncology is one of its branches and represents a science and practice of a drug therapy. For the cancer therapy are used anticancer drugs. When anticancer drugs are taken by the body intravenously or by mouth, the treatment is called systemic drug therapy, and when the drugs are used only in the place where the tumor is, the treatment is called topical (local) drug therapy. Chemotherapy and target therapy The chemotherapy is a type of system and /or a local anti-tumor therapy, which uses cytotoxic agents (substances that repress the mechanisms of cell-division and the process of multiplication of the tumor cells). The target therapy is a kind of systemic anti-tumor therapy, which uses the so-called biological materials, also called target drugs. They are organic molecules that selectively activate or repress the essential for tumor cells biological processes and thereby lead to their death and suspension of tumor growth. The effect is implemented by capturing a specific location (receptor) of a certain cellular molecules and because of this focus, the drugs are called target drugs.
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