Repair and Heating Germant Ltd

Germant Ltd - designs, manufactures and installs fireplaces with water and air heating installations, barbecues, garden water fountains, fountains, balustrades, bar plots, stairs. Water heaters, Boilers, Solar Panels Doors Wood stoves, Pellet stoves, wood cookers Pellet stoves, bio fireplace, electric fireplaces, wood fireplace, wall panels for fireplaces - The fireplaces Germant make the contact with the fire a source of good mood, relaxation and comfort. They are distinguished by originality and excellent craftsmanship. They enable our clients to build unique style at home, office or hotel. Fire boxes - the fire boxes are Bulgarian and French production. The French producers offer gas fire boxes or combined fire boxes on wood and naphtha. Barbecue, grills and accessories Chimneys Ventilation and Air Conditioning Refractory materials Power supply Metal constructions Briquettes, Pellets - CLASS-A Burners, heat pumps, chillers Horizontal and vertical floorings, interior and exterior facings with stone of facades, shops, restaurants, hotels, buildings. Craftsmanship of metal bars, fences, railings, fire stairs, exterior stairs metal manufacturing facilities and others. Prefabricated houses, houses on water, energy saving houses – EUROHOUSE Services: Unstopping of pumping-shafts and drains, cleaning of canals and sinks Cleaning of chimneys Cleaning of offices, shops, houses, hotels Rough construction, Construction and Repair Services The online store of Germant Ltd. offers a wide variety of products and services that will contribute to the tranquility and comfort of your home, hotel or office. Thanks to the innovative solutions that we offer, Germant Ltd. can satisfy your every whim related to the heating and construction and installation activities.
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