Restaurant in Radnevo - Adelaida


If you want to enjoy a nice kitchen, a refreshing drink or simply have fun with friends - Adelaida is your place. The restaurant is located in Radnevo and is one of the places where you can organize your party, making sure everything goes through “honey and butter”.

You will be fascinated by the serene atmosphere and attitude. The staff in the establishment has 21 people. This number is required because of the high capacity of the 190-seat restaurant. This makes it an ideal venue for big events, making sure your orders arrive on time without having to wait and spoil your mood superfluous. In order to fully meet your expectations, Adelaida always keeps fresh products he uses in his kitchen. The restaurant adheres to strict hygiene and works according to all requirements and norms.

We can’t overlook some of the most important factors for the mood of the guests - its DJ and orchestra, who will amaze you with their performances and the rich musical program.

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