Sports equipment

Household goods, furniture, textiles - Kosev & Co Ltd.

Kosev & Co Ltd. offers household goods, furniture and sportswear

Hristo Smirnenski nbr.

Camping and Sporting Goods - Escadra Bulgaria

Online store for camping equipment, sporting goods and travel Escadra Bulgaria is an online store for camping equipment and sporting goods - racks, hitches, Freezer Bags, Kayak, Bicycles, caravans...

7 Iskarsko Road Blvd.

Veterinary instruments - ALFAVET

ALFAVET Company started its activities more than 10 years, the supply of tools and supplies for veterinary medical practice.


Metal structures, Curtain Wall, Windows Nick-Beta

Metal structures, Billboards, Curtain Wall, Aluminium joinery For 20 years now, Nick- Beta company specializes in fabrication and installation of a wide range of metal structures for industrial,...

11 Iskarsko Shose Blvd.

Children and sports facilities, park and urban furniture DOGAPARK

DOGAPARK is one of the oldest and leading manufacturers of childrens and sports facilities, park and urban furniture, sports and impacted surfaces, sports and recreational activities. Childrens...

24 Saglasie Str., 2nd Floor

Sports Facilities Dynamic Sport

Dynamic Sport is engaged in designing, building / construction and maintenance of sports facilities - stadiums, tennis courts, gyms, basketball and volleyball courts, athletic tracks, football grounds...

Knyazhevo, 61 Preki Pat Str

Survival equipment Stayaliveshop - Kadko Ltd. is online store of Kadko Ltd. and offers products for extreme lifestyles and survival in harsh conditions. Kadko Ltd. offers products and accessories for hiking and...

4 Bitolya Str.

Fitness and tone products - Sante BG

Sante BG offers fitness, tone, stretching, anti-stress, weight loss, cellulite, massage products. GATINEAU - French professional cosmetic brand (wide range of products for professional and home...

129 Vitosha Blvd., fl. 1, ар. 2

JK Fitness - fitness supplements and equipment Sofia

JK Fitness is located in the city of Sofia and it is not just a classic fitness club – besides traditional fitness programs, it also offers a full range of services, related to the overall...

Sofia, 191 Okolovrasten pat Str.

Professional fitness equipment Ivan

Ivan is a company in the city of Ruse, which has been supplying the Bulgarian market with professional fitness equipment more than 15 years now. It supplies gyms that values quality and...

Ruse, 98 Pliska Str.

Parachute-parasailing in Balchik | Aqua Service

Aqua Service specializes in parachute design and production. The company’s team consists of specialists with high qualification, that stand out because of their professionalism and attention to...

Balchik, 2, Stara planina Str

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