Air conditioners and air conditioning

White and black goods - TECHNOPOLIS

TECHNOPOLIS is a chain of specialized hypermarkets for white and black goods, office equipment, and information technologies. There are brought together at one place appliances which make...

Okolovrasten pat

Household appliances - Supermarket Densi

Supermarket and shop online for household appliances Densi

Studentski grad

Selling of Tools - Tagemal Ltd.

Wholesale of tools, plumbing and hardware products The main activity of Tagemal Ltd. is in the wholesale trade. Tagemal Ltd has a warehouse, wide distribution network and own transport for deliveries...

66 Boris Str. - Shop

Repair of home appliances, air conditioners - ET Nex

ET Nex was established in 1996 and carries out its main activity in repair of home appliances, air conditioners and electronics in the town of Haskovo. In carrying out these activities, the...

Haskovo, 25 Tsar Osvoboditel Str.

Air conditioners and air conditioning systems Radevi Ltd.

Air conditioners and air conditioning systems Radevi Ltd.

30 Paisii Str.

Air conditioning equipment Perfect - Frigotehnic Ltd.

Perfect - Frigotechnic Ltd. offers installation of air conditioning equipment, air conditioners and refrigeratory: installation and service of air conditioning and ventilation...

Plovdiv, Plovdiv

Air Conditioners CITY CLIMA Ltd

City Clima Ltd. offers sales, installation and service of air conditioners and air conditioning equipment.

Burgas, 1 Kliment Ohridski Str.

Ventilation systems Akilmak Ltd.

Akilmak Ltd. deals with the design, delivery and installation of ventilation systems: Production of air ducts and elements Kitchen exhausters, air filters, sound attenuators Ventilation, air...

III Tsar Boris Blvd

Heating and ventilation systems BG Therm

BG Therm deals with import and supply of components and equipment for: heating systems residential and commercial air–conditioning systems ventilation systems water supply...

17 Аkad. St. Mladenov Blvd

Professional heating technology Ecotop

Ecotop operates in the field of the professional heating technology. The company offers the following services and products: Complex systems for heating, ventilation and air...

Borovo Nbr, Ladoga Str, bl.208, e.B

Solar and heating systems Solar Technology

Because Solar Technology was founded in 2004 and is one of the first companies in the North Black Sea region, specializing in design and construction of solar systems for hot water / hot water /...

Chaika, bl. 28, Ground Floor

Heating equipment Termico Ltd.

Termico Ltd. provides complete engineering service in the field of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning equipment relying on energy sources such as natural gas, propane-butane, diesel oil,...

Slatina Nbr, Bl.28B, E.A

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