Machinery, machine building, installations Hidroplastform Ltd.

Hidroplastform Ltd. is engaged in the manufacturing and trading with machinery and installations. The companys main activity in the field of machine building, is the design and manufacture of standard and optional equipment. The company also offersimplementation, installation and maintenance of complex sites, equipments and pressure vessels on the territory of Bulgaria and abroad. Its customers are companies in the food, chemical, bio-technology, energy and pharmaceutical industries. The company exports its products to: Russia, Macedonia, Turkey and Greece. Hidroplastform Ltd. has existed since 1990 and has a factory equipped with: a 300-ton hydraulic press, press brake, milling machines, lathes, drilling machines, guillotine, a plasma cutting, welding sets and other equipment necessary for its activity. Food industry machinery Machines for canning Installation for making a scabbard Autoclave sterilizer -vertical Autoclave sterilizer -horizontal Installation for production of ketchup from tomato concentrate Machines for frying and blanching tubs for potato, eggplant, zucchini and other vegetables Workshops for sterilization of meat and vegetable cans Calibrator for fruits and vegetables Vessels for toppings Bar glass and drum washer Blanching tubs Bar inspections Grill machinery Elevators Installation for food waste processing Machinery for the confectionery industry Installation for production of halva. Installation for production of Turkish delight. Installation for production of boza. Combi-Steamer for sweets Pelleting drum Machines for tulumbas Machines for rolling out sheets of pastry Blending machines Temper chocolate stirrers Tunk machine Frying tubs Blanching tools – drum and bar glass, power or steam, with or without stirring Stirrer for caramel mix, delight-starch mixture and toffee Machinery for baking industry Bread lines Electric ovens Kneaders Dough forming machines Fermentation cameras, carts Sieves, trays and more. Chemical industry machines Equipment working under pressure. Industrial boilers. Receivers. Heat exchanger Filters. Hydrophore. Fuel and light fuel reservoirs. Mixers for mixing paint. Mixers for plaster. Reagents cistern. Machines for the pharmaceutical Industry. Installations and equipment for servicing the pharmaceutical industry. Mixer for powder products. Multi Homogenizator. Steel bottoms to DIN 28011, DIN 28013 and BDS 5643-84.
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