Castings, dies, punches, details

Metal and metal processing - Kostovi Brothers Ltd.

Participation of Kostovi Brothers Ltd. in BUSINESS-EUROPE.BG - the First European business catalogue.

1 Willam Frud Str.

Repair of machinery - Mid 2000

Repair machinery for general and special purpose Mid 2000 Ltd is a company with entirely private capital, founded in 2000 with the main business of repair of machinery and equipment for general and...

14 Rakovski Str.

Wooden Stirrers - TOP DOG Ltd.

TOP DOG Ltd. specializes in manufacture of small articles of wood and metal, dies, moulds, hot and cold seals. With the advent of eco-programs , we are focused on the production of wooden...

17 Feliks Kanitz Str.

Metal processing - Madara - Galvis Ltd.

Heavy duty vehicles, rear and front driving truck axles Since its foundation in 1958, MADARA has gathered rich experience in the production of heavy duty vehicles, rear and front driving truck axles,...

1 Madara Blvd.

Units for trucks and forklifts Mayak Ltd.

Mayak Ltd. - Production of units and assemblies for electric forklifts and cast iron castings and more.

1 Angel Stoyanov Str.

Repair of ship mechanisms RKM - 1 Ltd.

RKM - 1 Ltd. offers repair of marine machinery. Machining parts.

34 Belasitsa Str.

Pneumatic and hydraulic products Alex Plast Ltd.

Alex Plast Ltd. offers special pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic cylinders, preparatory groups for air. Pneumatics - Taps, Pads, Quick Links, Components, Pneumocylinders Rubber products - Oil...

Iztochna promishlena zona

Trade with metals V.E.K.O. TRADE - 2000

V.E.K.O. TRADE - 2000 deals with metal trading: Purchase of waste ferrous and nonferrous metals. Commercial activity with ferrous and nonferrous metals. We perform dismantling of industrial...

Sofia, Hadzhi Dimitar Nbr., 7A Rezbarska Str.

Construction VIDIRA - Petar Petrov

VIDIRA - Petar Petrov was founded in 1990 by its founder and owner Peter Petrov, specializing in construction and trade with fasteners, windows, interior doors, stamping products, insulation panels.


Dust and ventilation equipment - ZEFIR Ltd.

Dust and ventilation equipment ZEFIR Company Ltd. was established in 2001 specializes in dust-proof and ventilation equipment. Has its own facilities, equipped with machinery for dust collectors, air...

4 Hadji Angel Str.

Processing of castings BKM ST

BKM ST is dealing with trade - machine processing and metal cutting tools for the heavy mechanical engineering. Processing of castings, castings of steel, cast iron, stainless steel, manganese and...

12 Dupnishka Str.

Piston sets Drouzhba Co.

The company offers its clients production of piston sets designed in accordance to their own registers or samples. There are the products that are offered: pistons; piston rings; piston...

4 Tutrakan Str

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