Containers and waste bins, external

Repair of machinery - Mid 2000

Repair machinery for general and special purpose Mid 2000 Ltd is a company with entirely private capital, founded in 2000 with the main business of repair of machinery and equipment for general and...

14 Rakovski Str.

Construction and Engineering - Ruukki Bulgaria

Metal-based components to the construction and mechanical engineering industries Ruukki provides its customers with energy-efficient steel solutions for better living, working and moving. We have...

12 Nikolay Haytov Str.

Prefabricated Timber Houses, Park Equipment – Tes Eko Stroy 1 Ltd.

Tes Eko Stroy 1 Ltd. deals with design and manufacturing of solid wood products, including prefabricated timber houses, bungalows, villas, and park equipment.  A priority in the work of Tes...

267 Okolovrasten pat

Garden furniture GUILDIA STROY Ltd.

Production of vibro concrete products for various applications in construction, starting to increase their range, quality and capacity.

Echo, 1 Kahlo Str.

Flowerpots, Architecturel Elements Inex Design Ltd.

Inex Design Ltd. is a company specializing in the manufacture of color mosaic concrete. We also make decorative tiles, countertops, stairs, pots, architectural details, flooring, countertops, and...

2 Malusha Str., ent. A

Cylinders and containers Termoinvest Ltd

Termoinvest Ltd - production of cylinders and containers for transportation and storage of compressed natural gas. Engineering. Reconstruction of the fuel economy to work on gas.

46 Mitropolit Andrei

Spartak JSC - ventilation and burning equipment, metal products

Spartak JSC - ventilation and burning equipment, metal products

Burgas, 3 Odrin Str

Progress AD - iron castings | Stara Zagora

Progress AD - iron castings | Stara Zagora

Stara Zagora, Industrial zone

Construction and Hazardous Waste Boichinov 2004 Ltd.

Boychinov 2004 - Sofia is licensed for collection and transport of waste. Construction, Municipal, industrial and hazardous wastes under Article 12 of the WMA, incl. hospital. We specialize in...


Garden furniture, barbecue RAIMAR Sole Ltd.

RAIMAR Sole Ltd. (successor of Boyan Smilenov ST) – Kresna has been active on the Bulgarian market for 17 years, and at the end of 2007 has been successfully certified under the international...

90 Vardar str.

Building Materials, Wall coverings Azor Ltd.

Azor Ltd. is with a long tradition in the field of trade with building materials and home furnishing. Production and trade with wall coverings Wide range of wall coverings All kind of decorative...

Gorno Vodensko shose str

Karlak 97 Ltd. - cast iron and steel | Smolyan

Karlak 97 Ltd. - cast iron and steel | Smolyan

Smolyan, 1 Petar Beron St.

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