Galvanizing and electroplating

Metal processing - Madara - Galvis Ltd.

Heavy duty vehicles, rear and front driving truck axles Since its foundation in 1958, MADARA has gathered rich experience in the production of heavy duty vehicles, rear and front driving truck axles,...

1 Madara Blvd.

Steel parts and castings THERMO SERVICE LTD

The main activity of THERMO SERVICE LTD is thermodiffusion galvanization of steel details and castings with thickness of 50 MK. From its establishment till now the company fulfills orders of...

30 Treti Mart Blvd.

Factory for cold-galvanizing and protective coatings Meteor 89 Ltd.

Meteor 89 Ltd - Plovdiv is a company for cold-galvanizing and coating of any protection covers and provides protective coatings such as: galvanizing, Tempering, Oxidation. The cold galvanized steel...

18 Rogoshko shose

Manufacturing Company Galvanopraktik – Petrov Sadruzhie SD

Manufacturing Company Galvanopraktik – Petrov Sadruzhie SD was established in 1989 with main activity: design, manufacture and installation of non-standard equipment for galvanized coatings,...

75 Georgi Benkovski Str

Galvanic coatings, polymer powder coatings Alex 2006 Ltd.

Alex 2006 LTD deals with galvanic coatings, polymer powder coatings, metal working and applying protective coatings on metals - coating with zinc, nickel plating, copper plating and others. Besides...

Tsarigradsko road, 7 km, BIC IZOT, building 4

Galvanization and metal processing in Sofia | E&V Elena Vasileva ET

E&V Elena Vasileva ET has more than 30 years of experience in the field of metal processing and has excellent reputation, thanks to its professionalism and correctness. They have a stable network...

Sofia, bul. Tsarigradsko shose 7km, ZIT, corpus 3

Protective coatings of metals Sofia | Alex 2006 Ltd.

Alex 2006 Ltd. is a company based in Sofia and deals with galvanizing and laying of protective coatings on metals. The company offers: Painting of metals Metal working and application of...

Sofia, бул. Цариградско шосе 7км, БИЦ ИЗОТ, корпус 4

Gold, silver, zinc plating and lamination Plovdiv | Liana 96 Ltd

Liana 96 Ltd has a long experience in the metal processing. They offer to the Bulgarian customers high-quality services at an affordable price. Liana 96 Ltd...

Plovdiv, Sofroniy Vrachanski 14

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