Reinforcing bars and reinforcing steel

Building materials - Nefertiti Ltd.

Nefertiti Ltd. - timber and building materials, lumber, building materials, construction panels, concrete products, waterproofing, insulation, bricks, doors...


Construction, Transport - MelaInvest and Partners Ltd

Construction company - construction, reconstruction, repair and finishing works MelaInvest and Partners Ltd is a construction company seated in the seaport town of Burgas on the Black Sea coast. Our...

162 Demokratsia Blvd.

Recycling - ECO FENIX Ltd.

Sorting out, processing and recycling of secondary row materials Еco Fenix Ltd. Svishtov is a young and modern company which is working in the field of redemption, sorting out, processing and...

14th Stoyan Nikov Str

Metal products, ferrous metals – Anri-CB

Anri-CB Ltd. is trading with ferrous metals, produces billets from laminated iron and bar material, it offers transportation services with a capacity of 25 tons. It has computerized oxygen gas and...

Moshino nbr., 16 Montana Str.

Stainless steel fittings Hraninvest HMK-AD

Production facilities of HMC-Hraninvest HMK - Stara Zagora, specialized in the production of a wide range of stainless steel fittings and separate machines for the food industry.

Industrial area

Demolition of buildings Metalika Ltd

Metalika Ltd demolition of buildings on its own account. Demolition of buildings. Demolition of industrial buildings. Demolition of old buildings. Demolition of buildings and structures of various...

3 Dimitar Grancharov Str

Building materials Yukon

Yukon Company is specialized shop for building materials and metals: Armature iron and steel billets. Paints, electro materials, waterproofing systems Production of slaked lime and lime...

22 Drama Str

Instrumental equipment ENPLAST Ltd

ENPLAST Ltd deals with the design, manufacturing and repair of instrumental equipment - injection molds, dies, molds for rubber and devices. Services: mechanical processing, turning on a lathe,...


Metals and Equipment VARUS 2003 Ltd.

VARUS 2003 Ltd. deals with the supply of materials and metals and engineering, manufacturing and supply of equipment and spare parts for the mining, chemical, oil extracting industry, Energetics and...

Radost Str., bl. 51, ent. D, ap. 85

Trade in ferrous metals - Maxi Trade Reinforcement workshop

Maxi Trade Reinforcement workshop, Stara Zagora deals with trade in ferrous metals. workshop for reinforcement preparation trade in ferrous metals production of metal structures production of...

Industrial Area, the road to an incinerator

Metal Products and Constructions, Metal Processing Gorna Oryahovitsa – Darm Ltd.

Darm Ltd. has several production bases in Gorna Oryahovitsa, Kamburovo village (Targovishte), and Krusheto village (Veliko Tarnovo). The company deals with processing of metals and manufacturing of...

Gorna Oryahovitsa, 56 Tsar Osvoboditel St

Building materials, Plaster, Cement HELIUS GROUP LTD

HELIUS GROUP established in Razgrad market for wholesale and retail trade with building materials: cement, plaster, satin plasterboard, adhesive plaster, plasters, paint, latex, facade paints,...

2 Grancharska Str., Ground Floor

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