Stairs and railings, handrails

Technical hypermarket Bagira

Technical Bagira hypermarket offers wholesale and retail machines, tools, equipment, materials and all kinds of products for construction, gardening, home and office

39 P. Evtimii Blvd.

Articles of stone - Fireplaces Industral Style Ltd.

Fireplaces and barbecues - fireplace grates, fireplace accessories Fireplaces Industral Style Ltd. offers stone chambers, fireplaces, barbecues, fireplace grates, fireplace fans, fireplace...

Vitosha nbr., 17 Mogilata Str., ground floor

Stone articles - Kremena Limestone Ltd.

Articles of Vratsa limestone, marble and granite stone products, stone processing Limestone Kremena Limestone makes stone processing, and as a direct Manufacturer makes products for you: columns,...


Wood and Timber - Pavel Doykin Ltd.

Production and trade of wood and wood material Pavel Doykin Ltd deals with production and trade of wood, timber and wood - pine planks, beams, paneling, flooring, shingles, dry planks, sills, doors...

former farmyard

Logging and wood processing - GVK - Chiflika

Harvesting and processing timber from beech, spruce and pine GVK - Chiflika is engaged in harvesting and processing wood of beech, spruce and pine forests of its own. Processing is carried out in our...


Construction and repair work - Marger - Mario Milev

Construction and repair work, plumbing, electric installation Company ET Marger Mario Milev perform following construction repairs activities complete renovations of apartments and...

30 Krakra Str.

Hardware services Polina Mirkova

Polina Mirkova is company dealing in hardware services - manufacturing, supply and installation of metal doors, doors of residential buildings and fencing mailboxes etc. The highly skilled craftsmen...

Serdika nbr., 1 Kostenets Str.

Eggs Project Ltd. - furniture, stairs, wood carving

Eggs Project Ltd. offers furniture, stairs, wood carving: Stairs - Mobile stairs, Winding stairs, Space-saving stairs, Steel stairs covering Furniture - Kitchens, Tables and chairs, Cabinets and...

Gara Iskar, №15 5002 Str.


ELDORADO produce parquet floors, sills, offers and laminated. Orders, cycles, polished parquet flooring.


Natural stone articles Dekor Ltd

Dekor Ltd. was established in 1995, having its main subject of activity in production of natural stone articles (marble, granite, travertine, onyx, lime-stone, sandstone, gneiss). Priority of our...

138 Simeonovsko Shose Blvd.

Dust and ventilation equipment - ZEFIR Ltd.

Dust and ventilation equipment ZEFIR Company Ltd. was established in 2001 specializes in dust-proof and ventilation equipment. Has its own facilities, equipped with machinery for dust collectors, air...

4 Hadji Angel Str.

Valimar Ltd. - steel and steel products, coal

Valimar Ltd. - steel and steel products, coal

Varna, 230 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd

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