Pneumatic and hydraulic products - VARUM 1994

Import, distribution and marketing of pneumatic and hydraulic parts and accessories VARUM1994 isa specialized companywith extensive experiencein the import, distribution and marketingof pneumatic andhydraulic partsand accessories. Our suppliers are companies that have proven quality of the produced products, short delivery times and good and honest relationship. Our clients arethose for whichit is importantto have aspecialist providerin the field ofhydraulicsand pneumatics,who will nevermislead themandsave them timeand money. Producs of VARUM 1994 measurement and control fittings gaugesvacuummetersmano- vacuummetersthermometersthermo- manometerspressure switchpressure switches with adjustable differentialtransmitters quick couplingsplastic hose-threadplastic hose-plastic hosethread-threadpipe-threadpipe-piperubber hose-threadrubber hose-rubber hosebayonetdistribution manifoldadaptorsplugspipelinesplastic hosespiral hosespipesrubber hoses (nbr)accessories for pipes and houses compressors hydraulic coaxial, hobby serieshi-performancetandem compressorsmotor-driven compressorssilent compressorsaccessories for compressors hydraulic unitslubrication systemhydraulic pumpshydraulic valveshydraulic valveshydra. cable gland / fittingshydra. filtershydra. flow regulators pneumatic tools frl guns frlfrrflaccessories for frl gavпринадлежности за frl actuators distributors rotary typelinear action 3/24/25/25/3 cc5/3 е5/3daccessories for distributors cylinders flow regulators micro cylindersmini cylindersstandartcompact cylindersshort stroke cylindersrotation type for cylinderfor valvebidirectional ball valves electro two-waythree-way electricalelectronics valves accessories safety valvesnon returncheck / non returnpressure reducer copper sealsclampsinternal support busholivetubes and kits for cylindersnuts other
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