The craftsmans workshop The wheels

The craftsmans workshop The wheels was founded in 1935 in the village of Beli Osum, Troyan locality, with an activity subject – production of carts for animal harness. At that time yet 4-5 workshops for cart production work in the village and as a result there was a great competition and the wheels of the workshop. The wheels are some of the best in the country. During the time between 1945-1985 the events in Bulgaria do not allow any private practice, but after that in 1996 the workshop continues its activity as except carts another 25 articles are made, all of them with wheel basis as a symbol of movement and development. Flower stand, Wagonsq Wheelbarrow, Tables, Bemch, Chair, Cannon. The articles that we offer find use in the forming and decoration of your garden, the park of a hotel, the garden in front of the villa, the furniture of your bar. Our catalog is constantly upgraded for the needs of our clients. The main thing with our work is the quality and the affordable prices. What do we offer to our clients: flexible scheme of discount and competitive conditions for team work. maximum quick make wide range of offered products competitive prices flexibility, additional motives for our permanent and new clients.
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