Briquettes and eco-briquettes for heating

Building materials - Nefertiti Ltd.

Nefertiti Ltd. - timber and building materials, lumber, building materials, construction panels, concrete products, waterproofing, insulation, bricks, doors...


Eco-briquettes, euro pallets, sacks Vizh Ltd.

Vizh Ltd offers delivery of eco-briquettes, euro pallets, recycled euro pallets, cardboard boxes (new, second hand, five layered, three layered) sacks and bigbegovi sacks pads. Vizh Ltd makes a...

17A Dimitar Blagoev Str.

Eco briquettes and wood Hodja Yurt Ltd.

Hodja Yurt Ltd. founded in 2001 is specialized in producing eco briquettes and wood. The briquettes are made from pressed wooden bio mass - oak and hornbeam. They are suitable for use in open...

53 William Gladstone Str.

Logging ST Asen Andreev

ST Asen Andreev is a manufacturer in Simitli with a main activity related to logging. The company offers quality at competitive prices and that is why it works successfully on the territory of...

Industrial Area

Eco briquettes, charcoal EKOKOMERS - NEC Ltd.

Production of eco briquettes from oak and beech. Production of charcoal and charcoal - briquettes. Production of sticks.

Okolovrasten pat Str, to the road fork of Briag Nbr.

Wood pellets – Ekoteknika

Ekoteknika is a company that realizes ecology projects and produce wood pellets and has a central office in Sofia and a production base in the town of Svishtov. Ekoteknika manages its...

Bulgaria Blvd., Bokar 19A

AltradeEnergyGroup, UK - Trading Company

AltradeEnergyGroup, UK - Trading company on a permanent basis has pellets and briquettes from wood, straw, sunflower husk, peat. We are regularly Selling: wood pellets, straw pellets, peat pellets,...


Coals, Firewood Lia Group

Lia Group is engaged in trade with coal, briquettes and firewood on the territory of Montana. Firewood - cut wood. Wood for heating in all cuts Coals - Donbass, bulk and packaged...

12 Industrialna Str

Grills, briquettes and eco briquettes Angor / Albrek Ltd

Albrek Ltd. is a manufacturer of one-time-use grills and eco briquettes under the brand Angor. Albrek Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing of one-time-use grills. Our long experience in the...

4 Vazrazhdane Str

Eco Fuels, Pellets, Briquettes Marchelo 2001 - Marin T. Marinov

Marchelo 2001 - Marin Toshev Marinov produces and trades with pellets, briquettes and eco fuels of different raw materials. Produces eco fuel and pellets from plant raw materials deals with...

20 Al. Yakimov Str., bl. 5, ent. B, fl. 3, ap. 32

Logging, Wood processing - Daris Ltd.

Daris Ltd - logging, wood processing, services in the field of forestry Daris Ltd. is with main activity - logging, wood processing and services in the field of forestry. Wood processing...

Chakalarovo village, Kardzhali distr.

Combustibles, Razpalko, Kominko - Krasimir Borisov, Sofia

  Krasimir Borisov is from Sofia and his main activity is related to the supply of eco-friendly combustibles, such as the products Razpalko and Kominko. Razpalko - pressed briquette,...

Lyulin, direction Bankia

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