Charcoal for fuel

Building hypermarket - bauMax

Baumax is not only building a hypermarket in the store - to sell products, appliances and equipment for construction, gardening, home and office. bauMax is an international family business which...


Building materials - Nefertiti Ltd.

Nefertiti Ltd. - timber and building materials, lumber, building materials, construction panels, concrete products, waterproofing, insulation, bricks, doors...


Wood, Charcoal, Timber Ruen Les Ltd

Rouen Les LTD deals with logging charcoal production and timber trade Timber - hard wood from oak, hornbeam (intended for both domestic and export). Wood charcoal - The coal is extracted from a...

Zaichar village

Eco briquettes, charcoal EKOKOMERS - NEC Ltd.

Production of eco briquettes from oak and beech. Production of charcoal and charcoal - briquettes. Production of sticks.

Okolovrasten pat Str, to the road fork of Briag Nbr.

Coal Arkan 505 Ltd

Arkan 505 LTD manufactures and sells wholesale and retail high quality oak charcoal grill made ​​in retort system in an ecological way.

Sofia, Sofia

Building materials Yukon

Yukon Company is specialized shop for building materials and metals: Armature iron and steel billets. Paints, electro materials, waterproofing systems Production of slaked lime and lime...

22 Drama Str

Coals, Firewood Lia Group

Lia Group is engaged in trade with coal, briquettes and firewood on the territory of Montana. Firewood - cut wood. Wood for heating in all cuts Coals - Donbass, bulk and packaged...

12 Industrialna Str

Firewood, Timber Dechev and Son Ltd

Dechev and Son Ltd trades with firewood, coal, timber material and wooden products, wholesale and retail trade. Dechev and Son Ltd. deals with trade and delivery of firewood, wooden cuttings,...

Okolovrastno shose

Toplivo JSC - coal, fuel and building materials

Toplivo JSC - coal, fuel and building materials

Sofia, 2 Solunska Str

Valimar Ltd. - steel and steel products, coal

Valimar Ltd. - steel and steel products, coal

Varna, 230 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd

Logging and wood processing Stobis Perfect Ltd.

Stobis Perfect Ltd. is specialized in logging and wood processing on the territory of Southern Bulgaria. The production base of Stobis Perfect is located in Zagrazhden village, Smolyan...

Zagrazhden village, 7 Chavdar Voivoda Str

Logging, Wood processing - Daris Ltd.

Daris Ltd - logging, wood processing, services in the field of forestry Daris Ltd. is with main activity - logging, wood processing and services in the field of forestry. Wood processing...

Chakalarovo village, Kardzhali distr.

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