White and black goods - TECHNOPOLIS

TECHNOPOLIS is a chain of specialized hypermarkets for white and black goods, office equipment, and information technologies. There are brought together at one place appliances which make housekeeping easier and spare us time and efforts – refrigerators, cookers, dishwashers, and kitchen appliances designed to be built in, washing machines, dryers, air-conditioners, boilers. These are all technological achievements which are helping us take care of the house and keep it clean, comfortable and cozy.In other sector of the hypermarket it is offered a huge variety of small electric appliances – coffee machines, grills, toasters, irons, free-turners, mixers, passators, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, etc. Here you can find a whole range of appliances for body care like hairdryers, hair-presses, clippers, epilators, etc. TECHNOPOLIS offers delivery to its customers at the doorsteps of their home.Terms and conditions for delivery of products differ in the event of on-line order and purchase in hypermarkets. They go as follows: Free delivery for purchase in hypermarket
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