Production and trade of wood and wood material Pavel Doykin Ltd deals with production and trade of wood, timber and wood - pine planks, beams, paneling, flooring, shingles, dry planks, sills, doors and windows of the array. Pavel Doykin Ltd has two pieces drying- rooms capacity of 60 m3, produces garden furniture, wooden fences, railings, doors and gates made of wood, houses for dogs. Pavel Doykin Ltd makes bilaterally and four planing, drying and drying of wood, Friezing and calibration of pine planks of wood. Pavel Doykin Ltd provides with own transport its products: Dog Houses - Made of spruce and pine covered with ondolin. Pine boards - Conifers dry boards of white pine and spruce of different sizes. The natural wood is a durable material, if sufficient care is taken on it. Wood flooring is particularly valuable because it can be updated repeatedly. Flooring - flooring we produce is of quality timber, fir and pine, undergone all modern methods of processing wood, dried at 12-14% humidity. Paneling - paneling, which is produced of quality timber, with different patterns and profiles of spruce and pine, went through all the modern ways of handling the timber. The company has first and second panel quality. In company Pavel Doykin Ltd we make façade and floor paneling of pine (scratched) first and second quality on individual projects. Front boards - rakes are of high quality wood (spruce and pine), with different patterns and profiles, which has passed through all the modern methods of processing wood dried at 12-14% humidity. Beams - the company offers first and second class sizes. Sills - sills are of pine wood, with different patterns and profiles with a length of 1m. to 4 m Wooden railings and fences - fences are produced by a particular application and design. They are of high quality wood of coniferous wood, passed through all the modern ways of handling the timber. Doors - 100% Range - With its high-tech equipment Pavel Doykin Ltd is able to satisfy the requirements of most demanding customers. Gates - Pavel Doykin animates the timber and give it grace and style typical for the late Renaissance, and for modernism. Garden furniture - Garden furniture provides comfort in the yard and forms specialized corners with more intensive visit. The furniture should complement the style and composition of the garden and are constructed of identical materials. Wooden furniture is preferable to plastic and wrought iron, it is treated with modern stains and varnishes.
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