LPG systems

Gas station Avtoinzhenering 95 Ltd.

Gas station Avtoinzhenering 95 Ltd. offers sale of automobile gas equipment (LPG).


LPG Danny - Dancho Donkov

Danny - Dancho Donkov offers installation, dismantling, repair and diagnostics of gas injection systems and LPG (auto gas systems).


Liquid injection Karavel

Karavel offers liquid injection. We use injection pump Walbro, developed specifically for LPG. Maintain a constant pressure of 3 Bar. Gas nozzles are Siemens / specially designed for LPG /. The system...


Gas systems for cars SOFGAZ SERVICE

SOFGAZ SERVICE specializes in the installation, customization and maintenance of alternative fuel systems for cars, vans and trucks. We have 11 years experience in converting cars to work on LPG (LPG)...

1 Samokovsko Shose

Gas propane butane Ultra Gas Ltd. Varna

Ultra Gas Varna Ltd. is the youngest company in Bulgaria for free delivery of propane butane. We are one of the top leaders in the market for bottled gas.Ultra Gas Varna offers to the Bulgarian...

Asparuhovo, 2B Narodni Buditeli Str.

Automobile gas installations Dobrich Gas | Dobrich

Sales and installation of gas equipment in Dobrich, LPG repayment of Dobrich Gas Dobrich Gas has specialized in activities related to automotive gas equipment, such as selling and installing gas...


Petroleum gas systems and gas equipment – Olimpik JSC

Olimpik JSC is a company in Veliko Tarnovo, which has been on Bulgarian market since 1989. Since then it has been continuously expanding its activities and today it offers a wide range of services...

11 Dimitar Mantov Str (against Concrete unit)

Gas injection systems "Alfagas" Ltd. | Varna

"Alfagas" Ltd. is located in the city of Varna and offers complete servicing of gas injection systems – trade, import, installation and servicing. It was created by students of the Technical...

Varna, 305 Chairа area

Installation of gas injection systems Gabrovo – Vlaev Auto

Automotive service of all brands and models of cars Vlaev Auto is an automotive service station in the town of Gabrovo that offers complete, quality maintenance of all types of gas injection...

Gabrovo, 33 Boykata St

Stefi gas Ltd. - auto Lovech

The company "Stefi gas" Ltd. has a service station in Lovech. It performs auto service almost all brands and models of cars, and also light trucks and vans. In the workshop in Lovech can...

Lovech, 7 "Osvobozhdenie" Blvd.

Auto service M.S. - Milko – Milyo Ivanov Sole Trader | Haskovo

Auto service "M.C. - Milko -Milyo Ivanov" Ltd. in Haskovo deals with repair of gas appliances and computer diagnostics of cars. For company employs experienced employees who perform quality repairs...

Haskovo, 14 Buzludzha St

Gas systems "Nick Gas" | Varna

Auto service "Nick Gas" in Varna offers specialized maintenance services in the area of ​​placement, repair and maintenance of standard, injection and methane gas equipment on all vehicles. The...

Varna, 90 Prilep Str.

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