Building hypermarket - bauMax

Baumax is not only building a hypermarket in the store - to sell products, appliances and equipment for construction, gardening, home and office. bauMax is an international family business which...


Building materials - Nefertiti Ltd.

Nefertiti Ltd. - timber and building materials, lumber, building materials, construction panels, concrete products, waterproofing, insulation, bricks, doors...


Wood processing | Oslar Ltd.

Oslar Ltd. specializes in wood processing, woodworking and logging. The company offers forest purchase and trade in wood material as well. The company also has an additional activity, which...

282 Hristo Botev St

State Forestry - Trigrad

The holding is situated in the middle part of the Western Rhodopes and covers an area of 10 955.7 ha, which coincides entirely with the land borders of the villages: Trigrad, Chestnut, and Gyovren...

Trigrad PC - 4825

Wood and Wood Products SIP - 94

SIP-94 is established in 1997 and specializes in the production of wood - paneling, flooring, front boards, shingles for roofing, walls, beams, planks, rails, ledges, doghouse and many wood products....

Dorkovo, Industrial Area

Woodworking, Wood, Firewood Trans Les 82

Trans Les 82 Ltd. was established in 2008. in Sarnitsa town, Pazardjik municipality.I ts main activity is mining, processing and marketing of timber. Les Trans 82 has its own transport. There is a...

30 Kolyo Ganchev Blvd.

Mining and timber trade RAVENA LES Ltd.

Main activity of Ravenna LES Ltd. Is production and lumbering: Wood processing Production and marketing of forest products Lumbering Collection facilities Production of planting saplings...

11 Tsar Liberator Blvd., ent B, ap. 4

Wood and Woodworking Sokolec-Les Ltd

Sokolec- Les Ltd deals with: logging wood processing production of all types pallets manufacture of external timber cladding production of paneling and flooring trade in timber...

village Dospey, Chafchika area

Logging, woodworking, timber YOLA

Logging, woodworking and sale of sawn timber.

2 Murdzhovska Str.

Logging and timber Brezite AD

Brezite AD deals with logging and trade import / export timber.

13 Trakia Blvd.

Wood and Timber Konas OOD

Konas OOD - production and marketing of dry wood for furniture. Permanent stock 500 m3.

1 Treshtenik Str.

Wood, Charcoal, Timber Ruen Les Ltd

Rouen Les LTD deals with logging charcoal production and timber trade Timber - hard wood from oak, hornbeam (intended for both domestic and export). Wood charcoal - The coal is extracted from a...

Zaichar village

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