LPG systems

Auto Service - Elite - Dragomir Petrov

Elite - Dragomir Petrov offers auto and spare parts, assembly parts and engines repair

Piazza freight taxis

Service Center Sofia Bosch Car

Service Center Sofia Bosch Car - offers motorcar repair services Auto Service Centre Sofia Bosch Car offers a full range of repairers services include: Car Care Services, General Services, Undercar...

Iskarsko shose Blvd., 111B

Auto Service - Eco Motors Auto

Installation of LPG car systems and installation of car alarms Eco Motors Company Ltd. is established in November 2006. Initially its main activity is the installation of LPG car systems and...

Storgozia 30

Garage Korekt 2002

Repairs of cars, vans and commercial vehicles Since its establishment company Korekt-2002 Ltd. is engaged in maintenance and repairs of cars, vans and commercial vehicles. For the period 2002-2008...

5 Nadejda Blvd.

LPG system Autogas 09 Ltd.

Autogas Ltd. 09 years dealing with installation and diagnosis of automotive gas equipment and installation and diagnosis of automotive CNG systems.


RGA – Auto Service

RGA - AUTO is available from 6 years and offers service and repair all brands of cars, vans, buses, trucks and more. Participation of RGA-AUTO in the first European business catalogue in...

12 Raykovska Gradina Str. (Pernik - Iztok, 78 Blagoy Gebrev Str/ Radomir gen., Negovantsi village)

Piping, metal, electrical installation Technostroy Engineering Ltd.

Technostroy engineering company specializes in: manufacture of non-standard products of carbon, stainless and special steels, non-ferrous metals, etc.; conduct of overhauls in the field of...

village Chernoochene, Kardzali District


TECHNOPOINT GROUP LTD is with main business selling of automotive gas equipment (LPG), gas injection and auto parts.


CNG, Avtometan service - AGU-M

Avtometan service - AGU-M specializes in the conversion of gasoline engines running on compressed natural gas (LPG, CNG).


Auto gas equipment, LPG Fiamma Ltd.

Fiamma Auto Ltd. offers gas appliances, gas injection systems (LPG), mechanical injection gas appliances, propane-butane / methane

Mladost 2, bl. 209B, ent. 4, ap. 2

LPG KG Varna Ltd

KG Bulgaria Ltd is the market leader in gas equipment and gas systems (LPG)! We work with established names and offer only original products from world leaders: TOMASETTO ACHILLE, STAKO, AC AUTOGAZ,...


Auto gas equipment, LPG ST ​​Autogas Ltd

ST Autogas Ltd offers all kinds of Auto gas equipment (LPG) including injection.

Knyazhevo, 70 Evlia Chelebi St.

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