Electronic boards and displays

Computer Technology - AidaNet Rivov Electronics

AidaNet Rivov Electronics - Computer and Internet Technology AidaNet Rivov Electronics offers products and services in computer and Internet technologies, installation and maintenance of computer,...

12-18 Tsar Kaloyan Str., ent. B, ground floor

Automatic Systems - Biser Systems

A laboratory for design and production of automatic systems and controllers. We offer complete electronic solutions - detailed design, fabrication, integration, test, and maintain of the hardware and...

Levski, 24 Peter Raichev Str., Apt. 58

Electro-energetic products - ABS Minel Bulgaria

Production and trading of electro-energetic products ABS Minel Bulgaria is engaged in manufacturing and trading of electro-energetic products , electrical equipment and installations of automation...

146 Sava Mihailov Str., ent. G

Hybrid Integrated Circuits Ltd. (HIC)

Hybrid Integrated Circuits Ltd. (HIC) was established in December 1996 on the bases of the Hybrid Microelectronics Department of the Institute of Microelectronics (IME – Sofia). HIC and its...

Tzarigradsko Shose Blvd., 7th km

Electrical Equipment Plant EAZ AD Plovdiv

EAZ AD offers Automatic three-pin switches, pole breaker, Residual current circuit breakers, Circuit breakers, contactors Air

1 Tsar Boris III Osvoboditel Blvd.

Electrical engineering THERMO ELECTRONIC LTD

Development, production, delivery and implementation of high-quality products and intelligent electronics and electrical engineering to provide service and technical support throughout the country.

Pobeda, 2 Oreh Str., 4th floor

Electrical components and equipment Tilcom Ltd.

Tilcom Ltd. was founded in 1999, since then the company has become one of the leading wholesalers of cables, electrical components and equipment in Bulgaria. Power Cables - Low Voltage, Middle...

1 Nedelcho Bonchev Str., Iskar Station

Electrical systems, devices, automatization and lighting systems | Doychevi Ltd

Doychevi Ltd is a company with long traditions in the field of construction. The firm speacializes in building projects for industrial and home electrical distribution, electrification,...

Sofia, Levski G, bl. 33, entrance D, floor 4, ap, 127

Electronic equipment Bulgari Electronics Ltd.

Bulgari Electronics Ltd. offers electronic equipment: Charging devices for starter and traction batteries Rectifiers for stationary batteries Voltage stabilizers Rectifiers for galvanic...

31 Daga Str.

Electronic Equipment Proton - MS Ltd

Online store of Proton - MS: www.ups-bg.eu. Proton - MS Ltd is a company with long experience on the market for the production of electronic equipment, silicone products and metal constructions -...

11-13 Georgi Minchev Str.

Save energy Ltd. - energy efficient systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Save energy Ltd. (Pestim Energia Ltd.) - energy efficient systems for heating, ventilation and air conditioning

Sliven, 7 James Bourchier St.

MMN Electric Ltd - electric panels for automation and control

MMN Electric Ltd - electric panels for automation and control

Pleven, 125 Dr. G. M. Dimitrov St.

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