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Dust and ventilation equipment ZEFIR Company Ltd. was established in 2001 specializes in dust-proof and ventilation equipment. Has its own facilities, equipped with machinery for dust collectors, air flow gadgets, elements and equipment necessary for assembling the installations. The company has its own transport and well-trained teams of manufacturing and assembly plants throughout the country. A team of highly qualified specialists is responsible for preparation of project documentation, design, implementation, manufacture and installation of dust and ventilation systems and design and manufacture of machinery, equipment and non- standard equipment. ZEFIR Company Ltd. manufactures and offers dust collectors and dust extraction equipment for coarse and fine powder. They can be used in all industries, where are dust and other types of hazards. The product range includes sleeve, cassette and cartridge dust collectors, rude treatment facilities and equipment for specific processes that produce vapours, aerosols and other harmful substances. The proposed dust extraction equipment and dust collectors can be mounted both in workplaces and outside. The main modules and elements incorporated into dust collectors and equipment are manufactured by Bulgarian and leading European companies - leaders in this field. Dust Aspiration-dedusting capture and purification of industrial flue dust and emissions for various industries. Dedusting is performed with high-sleeve, tape or cartridge filters with automatic pulse cleaning. Prefabricated modular galvanized steel of the facilities offered virtually unlimited determines their variability in terms of their productivity. Each aspiration-dedusting plant is designed after a detailed study of processes and equipment, and sources of pollution permitted to offer the maximum effective scheme for purification. Baghouse dust collectors with automatic pulse cleaning Bag dust collectors with automatic pulse cleaning are designed to capture chemically aggressive dry powders and mixtures. They are suitable for aspiration of nodes, equipment, single or group of machines which emits dust. Cassette dust-catchers with automatic pulse cleaning Касетъчните прахоуловители с автоматично импулсно почистване представляват модулни сглобяеми конструкции от поцинкована ламарина. Предназначени са за улавяне на сухи и химически неагресивни прахове и смеси.Те са подходящи за аспирация от възли, съоръжения, единични или група машини отделящи прах във всички отрасли на промишлеността. Те имат по-висока степен на пречистване и по-малки габарити. Cartridge dust collectors with automatic pulse cleaning Cartridge precipitators with automatic pulse cleaning are designed to capture chemically non aggressive dry powders and mixtures. They are suitable for aspiration of nodes, equipment, single or group of machines that produce dust in all industries. They have a high degree of purification and smaller dimensions. Ducts and components Preparation of standard and custom air flow systems and elements of black, galvanized and stainless steel - Round ducts, rectangular ducts, segmental elbows, t-joints, reducers, vanes, Silencers, fume hood, valves, fasteners / mounting brackets / Cyclones, piping isolation Metal Services As business opportunities ZEFIR Ltd. designs and builds aspiration-dedusting and ventilation systems for purification of industrial gases and mixtures for all industries. It also offers its clients a number of tools and services, and production of metal constructions and custom machines. For this purpose the company has equipped with the necessary machinery and equipment logistical facilities and qualified personnel. Plasma cutting sheet metal up to 20mm thick and 2000 mm x 4000 mm size. Cutting and bending of sheet thickness 6 mm and length 3000 mm. Performance of metal services. Manufacturing and installation of metal doors. Manufacturing and installation of sliding doors (with and without drive). Manufacturing and installation of fences and fence panels. Manufacturing and installation of railings. Manufacturing and installation of awnings. Manufacturing and installation of metal stairs (straight and curved). Production of construction and work tables. Development of racks with mobile and fixed shelves. Installation of vazduhootplitelni apparatus. Drying apparatus for injection molding machines. Manufacturing and installation of steel chimneys with and without insulation. Production of trucks. Production of soundproofs. Manufacture of metal tanks for electroplating lines. Manufacture of tanks. Production of metal stands for tanks. Tube and fitting scaffolding Shelving Roll hoists Sliding rules Floodgates
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