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STORACT LOG is an engineering company that has specialized in the design, engineering and trade of Automated and mechanized Storage Solution Systems and Warehouse Management Software. As part of Storact Group, STORACT LOG is offering its products on the territory of the Balkan Peninsula, covering the markets of Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Serbia and Macedonia. The main products of the company are: Warehouse management software Different type of Automated Storage systems for boxes and for pallets including racks, stacker cranes, conveyers and management system Vertical Automated Storage and Retrieval System for office and industrial applications Dynamic roll Systems for pallets and boxes, all kinds of roll and belt conveyers and automated sorter systems Mobile racking systems for pallets and long material Palletizers and robocars Warehouse management software Logistics Vision™ Suite (LVS) is an integrated “state of the art” family of extended management and logistics optimization. Supply Chain Execution software products that has been designed and developed by Mantis Informatics S.A. Mantis, established in early 1996, is the leading supplier of extended Supply Chain Execution solutions in European markets, having also a significant presence in Middle East and Russia. Automated Warehouse Systems Automated warehouses and material handling systems give companies great advantages over their competitors, in respect of cost reduction, improved productivity, range of products and superior services. The automated applications are becoming more and more important than the traditional static storage applications in warehouses and supply chain operation. The Automation systems are generally divided in two groups. First when the goods are stored on pallets, the automated systems is for , while storing the goods into small boxes the automated system is called PalletsMiniload. Other interesting component of the Automated Warehouses is the Radio - Shuttle that is used in high-density storage systems. Pallets The whole project for Automation consists of several elements. One of the main elements is the stacker crane. The need to maximise the surface area in warehouses has led to the development of stacker cranes, designed to work in very narrow aisles and at heights above 30 metres. Miniload - This is the optimum system to handle boxes for picking, following the product to employee principle. This is a simple and standard automated storage system for boxes which includes in a single product the racking, machinery, P&D station and the warehouse management software. Radio shuttle system - This is a high-density pallet storage system making it easier to load and unload goods thanks to an electric carriage called a Radio-Shuttle. Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems Kardex Solutions specialize in computer controlled automated storage and retrieval systems for manufacturing, assembly, distribution and retailing. The products are separated into two main categories: Materials Handling and Document management. The range of products is extremely wide, but all have one common aim - that is the pursuit of excellence. The introduction of our solutions will enable all companies to make substantial efficiency savings in the way that they handle, store and retrieve inventory. Kardexs extensive range of document management solutions and products assist companies in better managing the vast quantities of documents and allows companies to successfully merge both physical and digital data; leading to impressive savings in space, productivity and accuracy. Kardex Materials Handling- The Kardex Shuttle XP achieves up to 90% space saving when compared to traditional racking systems through its high density storage and space saving storage design. The system is your solution when you want high density storage, unrestricted flexibility in height and increased order picking productivity. Kardex Document Management- Kardex Carousel Lektriever is an Electric Lateral File (ELF) system and is a series of vertically arranged rotating shelves (carriers) controlled by an electronic keypad to deliver files to the operator with a push of a button or scan of a bar code. Kardex Megamat RS- KARDEX MEGAMAT RS is the latest product added to the portfolio. It is an automated vertical carousel using the paternoster principle. It uses the „goods to person“ concept for goods with a high picking frequency. Horizontal Carousel- Horizontal Carousels are a system of carriers (or bins) that rotate on an oval track, delivering stored items to an operator on demand. Dynamic Storage Systems Interroll is one of the worlds leading specialists within the field of materials handling,logistics and automation. Dynamic Storage is an Interroll Business Unit for logistic solutionsin distribution centers - the heart of logistics. Interroll flow storage technology is the fastest and most effective system for dynamic warehousing and the distribution of assorted products. There is no other distribution system, that is so easy to operate and offers such a short pay back time. Mobile Racking Systems- Moveel is an Italian leading company in the field of compactible warehousing systems - mobile bases under a racking structure, with a twenty year experience in the study and solution of logistics problems. Mobile Systems are supported by an extremely professional and dynamic staff that supports customer anytime, from the study and analysis of the problem, to its design solution, until its realization and afterwards during the warranty period, during which any possible problem is handled in a very short time. Flow-rails- Flow Rail System is an expected solution for your store. The system can be operated by a standard forklift. It is no longer necessary machinery to enter between lines to distribute the loads in the system as it is with Drive-In Racking system. Flow Railsaving time and resources. Flow Rail System is compatible with Drive In and can be built into the existing one. Shelves simply must be fixed to the Drive In beams. Height of the rail and the chain is 90 mm. The system is easy and practical for use. Pallet to queue levels, each pallet pushed the next one in the previous frontal position. Since the chain is continuous, the space between the pallets is minimized. The design of the circuit is such that the pallets retain original position setting, regardless of traffic levels. Flow Rail system is not electricity driven. Palletizers Mission - Fulfilling customers complete satisfaction! STORACT LOG relays on experienced and skilled team force. Good technicians and consultants are always the core in assembly and technical support of storage equipment. Capability of resolving problems in different storage system gives us an edge over the competition. Our team is always on request in order to react and take a decision to satisfy customers needs. Quality Quality is of essential importance and a sign of respect to our clients. If there is something that we are uncompromising with, this is the quality of our products and service. Guarantee Responsibility and immediate response during the warranty period. With delivery and installation of any system, STORACT LOG assumes responsibility for replacement and repair of damaged parts in accordance with the terms of the warranty or after-sales support. This allows our clients to recover their daily activities in the warehouse without suffering any losses. Focused on customer Trust and long-term partnership - is the essential activity in the development of the company. Winning a new customer is not just another successful transaction, but an opportunity to make lasting and meaningful relationship. We are interested to understand what clients needs are and to propose the right solution. Our solutions and methods for managing warehouses and logistics centers are profitable and generate successes and functionality. Innovation Innovation in every aspect of our work: developing modern and high-tech solutions to meet the current state of the rapid globalization. Application of modern information and technological trends allows us to improve our daily service to our customers and to offer rational solutions to their most demanding needs.
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