Evening school in Sofia - Fifth evening school Penyo Penev

Fifth evening school Penyo Penev in Vazrazhdane district in Sofia offers people over 16 years the possibility to complete their primary and secondary education. 

The evening school offers unspecialized training in all general courses such as Maths, Bulgarian language and literature, Information technology and computer science, Geography, History, Physics, Biology, Russian, English, and Philosophy, which are distributed according to the respective curriculum as compulsory and elective courses. As in all other schools, the school year in Fifth evening school Penyo Penev also starts on 15 September and ends on 15 June for students in primary school and on 30 June for students in secondary school.

Forms of training, offered by this night school in Sofia:

Evening form of education - classes take place from 5:20 pm to 9:30 pm in four working days. Wednesday is a day for self-study with no classes.

In the independent form of education, which is training with no attendance, the students in this evening school in Sofia sit written exams without having attended classes. They study on their own and have the right to sit the exams in one regular examination session to get marks for the year in all subjects on the curriculum, and two additional sessions, if the student fail the exams in the regular session.

The independent form of education in Fifth evening school Penyo Penev also does not require attendance. It is suitable for students who cannot attend classes for health reasons and have proved this with a medical document. 

The length of study in Fifth evening school Penyo Penev for completing primary education is 4 years. To complete their primary education, students should pass the state matriculation exams.

Students get a Certificate of primary education after the eighth grade, and a Certificate of secondary education, which is recognized by all universities in Bulgaria and abroad, and a Certificate of completion of secondary education after the twelfth grade, if the students do not want to sit the state matriculation exams.

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