Fruit Growing Institute – Plovdiv


The research activity of the Fruit Growing Institute in the city of Plovdiv is concentrated in the field of biotechnology, genetic resources and fruit growing technologies for cultivating fruit crops in Bulgaria.

New products of the Fruit Growing Institute are seedlings for Goji Berry and Actinidia (Kiwi).

The Fruit Growing Institute employs research fellows specializing in the following scientific areas:

  • Plant protection
  • Fruit growing
  • Seed production of cultivated plants 
  • Agricultural mechanization
  • Land reclamation
  • Economics and Marketing
  • Agrochemistry

The Institute has a modern equipment and the following scientific laboratories – chemical and technological, agrochemical, pomological, entomological, a laboratory for soil analysis and others.

A laboratory for in vitro propagation of strawberry and fruit seedlings with a depot-isolator, a glasshouse for adaptation and a field for cultivation of plants. The Fruit Growing Institute in Plovdiv also produces certified planting material of main fruit trees.

Virus-free rootstocks for 6 stone-fruit and 12 pome-fruit species.

The Institute maintains a germ plasm collection of 1741 fruit species – with local and introduced accession.

The Fruit Growing Institute in Plovdiv is a basic scientific unit of the Agricultural Academy of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

The company is in categories:
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