Mechanical Engineering, Non-standard equipment Simex Ltd

Simex Ltd. is an association with fifty years of history in the field of the common mechanical engineering. Its production finds implementation not only in Bulgaria but also in Europe. The association is specialized in the following types of production: Wide range of standard and portable rubber belt conveyors used for transportation of materials in different fields such as the cement industry, the chemical industry, agronomy, light industry and processing, lime production, grain processing, ore output, energetics, coal output, food processing industry and others. Dry impulse filters - designed to clean dust from the dusty air and gases in the industrial sectors, such as metallurgy, cement industry, lime and gypsum output, rock processing, agronomy, mining and others. Wet inertia filters - with the same purpose as the dry filters, but they are used for air and gases with a high level of humidity Installations for microproducts - designed for obtaining of microproducts with a particle size of 5 to 300 micrometers by separation of bulk or ground mineral raw materials. Pulleys - Made by a production line in the modern unique technology of ISO 1537, DIN 15207, DIN 22112, a ten year warranty period, adjusted for maintenance, working in high dust concentration, humidity and other extreme environment. Ordinary pulleys - Rollers with rubber rings / amortizable / Rollers with rubber rings / supporting / Pulley stands- upper pulley stands, lower supporting pulley stands Non-standard equipment, including ordinary metal structures or such with increased accuracy, requiring special parts by customer specifications or co-developed ones. The non-standard equipment in the field of the mechanical engineering is with main priority in the production program of the association. The equipment is manufactured using special documentation provided by the client. This production includes both ordinary and metal structures with precise accuracy of a few hundredths of a millimeter, machine parts, assemblies and aggregates of entire machines, technological lines and other facilities related to the specific documentation. This equipment allows differentiation of separate technology flows in retail and serial production, which determines a quality, which satisfies our customers.
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