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Pen siluet is engaged in the production of uniforms and costumes, traditional costumes, stage and carnival costumes, casual and formal wear, kid's clothes, women's and men's fashion. Pen siluet offers traditional costumes, uniforms, school uniforms, majorette costumes, formal suits, promotional and advertising clothing, clothing for dance, sportswear, carnival and stage wear, sexy clothes, costumes for kindergartens. The company has a shop for traditional costumes, where you can buy a costume or rent it. The company has online shop for carnival costumes, school uniforms, traditional costumes, majorette costumes and accessories, clothing for dance and others. Traditional Costumes: When making the traditional costumes, our team is trying to get closer to the authentic models from the respective region. Our knowledge and experience in making traditional costumes are extending and enriching every day. A large contribution to that have our customers from the different regions of Bulgaria and abroad. We also have a wide variety of photos, from which you can select the motives for the embroidery of your traditional costume. Clothing for Dance and Carnival and Stage Costumes Bulgarian and Carnival and stage costumes for rent in Plovdiv. You do not have to buy or make your own dress, with which you wish to spend a memorable time with your friends or family, we offer a wide variety of clothes and accessories. Uniforms and Uniform clothes Uniforms for restaurants, waitresses, hotel, security guards, school cooks, spa, piccolo The uniform is clothing that gives us confidence and prestige. All uniforms are made ​​according to the wishes and needs of each client School Uniforms The company has been 20 years leader in the creation and realization of formal and casual wear in the field of child adolescence fashion. We strive to make the models for the students comfortable, practical, functional and consistent with the fashion trends in the field. In the design of the uniform clothing we take into account the desire of the students and the type of the school. Majorette Costumes and Accessories Majorette pompons, Baton (batons), boots and hats. Variety of pompons- all colors and sizes on request. The company has a production line for majorette boots. Advertising and promotional clothing The goods and services have qualities for which the client does not know, so together we can make them available to him with your advertising campaign with our clothing and accessories.
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