Weaving workshop Dzev Studio - woven items

Weaving workshop Dzev Studio makes hand-made woven items of wool, cotton and other materials. Each item is unique. We offer hand-made woven Bulgarian rugs on horizontal loom. The rugs are mainly of wool and cotton fabric, but we can include other materials such as silk, rayon yarn, leather, hemp, manila, etc. Each rug has the spirit of the Bulgarian traditions combined with modern and contemporary design which makes it a beautiful and comfortable addition to any home. The carpets are made by joining several rugs with the same or different width and pattern as the maximum width of the single rug can vary from 40 to 80 cm, the length is not limited. The sewing of the separate parts is made ​​by hand with hidden or decorative stitch. We produce bags, and knapsack which are combined with leather, fabric, knit so that the product could have a finished look Of all the products in the Weaving Studio, the panels are made with the greatest inspiration and momentary mood. Therefore their custom making is at some point impossible, but if somebody wants- they can to say what shades of color prefer, what shape are imagining, from what materials to be woven and to be patient. The prices are set per square meter depending on the weaving technique and the materials used, e.g. wool, cotton, linen, silk, etc. f the client has a different vision and ideas about the model, the materials or the colors, we are willing to fulfill each individual desire. We strive to revive the Bulgarian lifestyle and culture through the ages, but in the same time we try to bring a modern touch in the creation of our products We established Weaving workshop Dzev Studio mostly inspired by the idea to do something unique, distinctive, which will differentiate us from the countless ready-mades and fakes that fascinate our perception of beauty and value, and slowly and gradually change our values. Confident in our concept and influenced by our tutors in weaving Veselin Feschiev, Darina Apostolova and Elitsa Dimitrova, we create our works with a lot of love and dedication. Like Arachne from the Greek myth, we strive to challenge with our skills, but not the Gods. We want to persuade people of the beauty and value of the hand-made fabrics by reviving and modernizing them, to rediscover the comfort of the past in our homes with a touch of the modern spirit, bound together by the strands of eternity. We hope that you will like our creations and together we can bring the spirit of the past into the present!
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