Guest House, Restaurant, Tavern and Club Vanita

Currently, Vanita brand has four establishments on the territory of Gotse Delchev Vanita Tavern (№ 1 Solun) Vanita Club - Restaurant (Gotse Delchev, 13 Al. Stamboliiski Str.) Vanita Restaurant (Gotse Delchev, Makedonia Square) Vanita Cafe - bar (Gotse Delchev, Makedonia Square) All of the establishments are with Entertainment program and orchestra, and at the club restaurant and restaurant Vanita DNA there is a DJ. Vanita Tavern Vanita Tavern offers its clients traditional Bulgarian cuisine and barbecue. The restaurant has three halls with total number of one hundred and eighty-five seats, garden with eighty seats, orchestra everyday and a folk-style. Vanita Club - Restaurant Unforgettable part of the image of present day Gotse Delchev is Vanita Club restaurant - A unique combination of mystical Egyptian style, modern comfort and dreamt luxury. Under the influence of the entrance filled with pyramids, sphinxes and dreamt treasures you are entering into a truly found treasure- the heart of Vanita Club Vanita Restaurant Vanita Restaurant is situated on the bank of the river, at the most cool place in town and offers: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Coffee, Drinks Reservations, Welcoming at the entrance of the restaurant, good place for groups, good place for children Food for home, Catering, Waiters Outdoor seats Parking lot Vanita Cafe - Bar Vanita Guest House Vanita Guest House is situated in Baldevo Village, Garmen Municipality (3 km from Ognyanovo Village). The guest house has: 2 double rooms 6 suites, each with bathroom, air conditioner and TV Dining room with fully equipped kitchen and tavern Sauna, fitness Garden with hot tub and barbecue, lawns Internet Vanita Guest House does not have service staff and is designed in a way that you undisturbed by anyone can prepare your own food and drinks and to have a really relaxing and enjoyable family idyll! But if you wish upon request you can order from the varied menu of the Vanita establishments or to provide you with staff who will take care of you and satisfy your culinary desires! Forthcoming - Resort Complex Vanita - the summer of 2013 in Baldevo Village. Garmen Municipality
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