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Hydraulic components and materials

Kopa Hydrosystem Ltd. has an annual production of over 70 000 piston and plunger hydraulic cylinders, custom-made, both for the internal and the foreign market. The company offers high-pressure hydraulic hoses and a wide range of hydraulic components and materials.

In cooperation with Italian and other Bulgarian firms, it is able to provide you with the components and materials you need. 

Production of hydraulic components and materials

  • The company manufactures piston and plunger type hydraulic cylinders, custom-made, with Italian materials and seals
  • High-pressure hoses with various length and ferrules
  • It manufacture custom-made hydraulic cylinders /both piston and plunger type/, using Italian materials and seals
  • The company also offer high-pressure hydraulic hoses with various ferrules. It also has in stock a wide variety of hydraulic components and materials for a complete hydraulic system.

Store for hydraulic components and materials

  • The company keeps a wide range of hydraulic components available in stock.
  • Hydraulic cylinder seals, conforming to European standards and meeting European quality requirements.
  • Precision-made tubes and hydraulic cylinder rods of leading Italian firms.

Application field

  • The hydraulic components and materials that are offered can be incorporated in various kinds of agricultural and road construction machinery, electric and fork-lift trucks, and other machines and equipment which make use of power hydraulics.

Engineering activity

  • Design and manufacture of hydraulic plants on special order.
  • Hydraulic cylinders repair work.
  • Hydraulic hoses with custom-made ferrules.
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