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Metal structures, Billboards, Curtain Wall, Aluminium joinery For 20 years now, Nick- Beta company specializes in fabrication and installation of a wide range of metal structures for industrial, commercial, administrative purposes, the layout of the urban environment and elements of interior and exterior design. You meet daily with our projects of varying complexity: bus stops, kiosks, billboards, windows, curtain walls of private and public buildings and many others. Whatever metal structure you need - metal warehouse, industrial complex or complicated reconstruction, we guarantee quality and economical solution for your needs. Participation of Nik-Beta in the First European business catalogue in Bulgaria By participating in the First European business catalogue in Bulgaria, Nick- Beta is able to present to our clients the key features of its products and services it provides. Company Nick Beta performs custom orders - metal parts for furniture production and lighting, specific details for interior and exterior and more. Unusual metal and aluminum structures Nick-Beta Company specializes in manufacturing steel and aluminum structures, using multiple technologies and combining a wide range of materials. We have a manufacturing warehouse, equipped with tools and machine tools, welding and painting equipment. Cabins and Pavilions Nick-Beta Company manufactures booths, kiosks and stalls tables (for commercial, security, etc.). conformable to the customer and according to his requirements. The cabs are built on technologies that ensure their quality and longevity. It is the installation of all facilities necessary for the operation of the concrete project: bulletproof glass, WC and bathroom, billboards on the walls and more. According to standard, we install electrical installation, lighting, under floor heating system, etc. Billboards and Advertising boards Nick-Beta Company manufactures all types of billboards, mega boards and boards including the type of open book, and all kinds of advertising hoardings and information boards. The advertising facilities are completed according to construction projects to ensure construction safety and durability on weather conditions. Depending on the model, the billboards have a variety of coatings and facings specific for each model mechanisms for attaching the advertising medium and the required lighting system. Curtain Walls Nick-Beta Company manufactures all kinds of curtain walls. Aluminum windows and Winter Gardens Nick-Beta Company manufactures all kinds aluminum windows and winter gardens Railings Nick-Beta Company manufactures all types of interior and exterior railings. At the customer desire, it can be used multiple materials: stainless steel, glass, aluminum and others. We offer You our own solutions, as well as to develop a custom, individual projects. We also produce window grills and fences capable of combining with security systems. Peaks and Roof Coverings Nick-Beta Company manufactures custom sizes and peaks, suitable for your home or cottage, and public buildings. The Visors are made with the most modern technologies and materials to ensure longevity of the structure. Coatings with ETALBOND ETALBOND is the perfect material for the layout of your facade. Giving more freedom at work, it allows to fulfil complex designs. Sandblasting Sandblasting is one of the most effective methods for cleaning metal products and achieve bonding (adhesion) of the material with anticorrosion coating. Company Nick Beta has sandblasting equipment and offers all services performed by them.
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