Microprocessor telecommunication equipment Elexim LTD

ELEXIM company was registered in 1990 with main activity developing and manufacturing of microprocessor telecommunication devices for business and end users with the aim of control and reduction of the telephone costs. Reporting systems for telephone services. GSM Gateway - a device for connecting fixed telephone lines and stations with GSM networks. Devices for remote control, management and security - through SMS, call and WEB interface are included devices in remote locations and to be received notification of alarm systems via SMS and e-mail. VoIP equipment and services Turning on of electric appliances and security through GSM and Internet GSM-SMS-ETH-RS232 - Controller for remote control and security - configuration by your choice. GSM SMS - Controller for control of electric appliances alarm and conversation via GSM - V1 - Model with basic functions and an option for automatic conversation. GSM-SMS-ETH-RS232 Controller for control of electric appliances and alarm via GSM and the Internet - turn on, turn off and restart to 6 electric appliance through SMS, call and Internet. Receive information about the status of the three sensors through SMS, call, Internet and e-mail. GSM-SMS-ETH-RS232 Controller V1 - turn on, turn off and restart to 6 electric appliance through SMS, call and Internet. Status information of up to three sensors through SMS, call, Internet and e-mail. At coupler can be controlled 3 electric appliances. Accessories - Sensors, Contactors, batteries, etc. Temperature sensor and transmitter 433MHz - Set of 3 transitional plugs VoIP Phone services Cheap calls in Bulgaria and abroad by smartphone - This service requires you to have internet on smartphones, iphone, ipad. Telephone services and equipment for telephone booths - VOIP phone services at very low prices and equipment is provided on a deposit. The cheapest international calls from fixed phone. - This service is designed for clients in Bulgaria and abroad with many included minutes in their subscription. International calls at cheapest ptices from Bulgarian GSM - The service will reduce greatly the cost of your conversation abroad. Equipment and software for phone services Telephone billing system for up to 8 phone booths with displays and printers - corporates development and manufacturing with a warranty. Proven reliability in hundreds of telephone booths. Free billing for a VOIP telephone services by ELEXIM. - Anyone who has internet access can organize as much and whereever they want phone services without any investment. WEB-based billing for VoIP - Reliable billing with all the amenities for creating new consumers, resellers, suppliers of VOIP. GSM Gateway GSM Gateway ProLine Digital - Reduces the telephone costs through direct connectivity with a SIM card from a mobile operator. Connects to the telephone exchange or regular phone. 2 years warranty! GSM Gateway FollowMe Digital - Connects free a fixed line with the mobile phone of the owner. GSM Gateway Follow Me - Designed to redirect free the call between fixed and mobile phone of the owner. VoIP GSM GATEWAY - The solution is a joint use of GSM Gateway PROLINE DIGITAL with VoIP Gateway CISCO SPA3102 GSM Gateway VoiceFAX - GSM Gateway to which you can turn a normal fixed fax apparatus GSM Gateway 3SIM & 2L - One telephone line and one SIM card can be placed into 2 or 3 SIM cards. Redirection of Skype calls to GSM Conversational technique for elevators Equipment for emergency call in an elevator - The technique automatically dials the first number and enables conversation after pressing a button Recording of telephone conversations Recording of analog phone lines - System for audio recording of analog telephone lines and other sources from 2 to 8 channels Recording of telephone conversations of a digital line - ISDN BRI Recording of telephone conversations of a digital line - ISDN PRI Recording of telephone conversations of a digital line - ISDN PRI (E1) VoIP equipment FXS module board for Asterisk Digium card VOIP SIP phone - VOIP SIP model IP-301
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