Security systems - Sectron Ltd.

Established in 1990, SECTRON security & communication systems Ltd. was one of the first companies in Bulgaria that designs and delivers security and communication systems. In the 20 years of its existence, Sectron has firmly established itself as a leader in the distribution of security products and provision of turn-key project solutions on the Bulgarian market. The main goal of the Sales and marketing department is to introduce our customers to the quality and reliability of the products offered by Sectron. The department is comprised of a highly-skilled team of Sales managers who cover all security systems offered. They are responsible for customer support, on-site consultations, order processing, pricing, and using different marketing strategies to announce new and improved products. Additionally, our sales representatives regulary organize seminars and attend security shows, providing product demonstrations and explaining new enhancements to our clients. Direct-sales and Stock Management department is responsible for making direct sales to clients and also for monitoring the stock levels and accounting for cash flows from partner companies and branch offices throughout the country. This department is a vital communication link between the company and the clients, they are responsible for compiling and sending out consignments to distributors within the country. All stocks coming in, or going out of the warehouse are carefully monitored by the warehouse managers, who have the authority and responsibility to assign, allocate, and manage all storage areas at Sectron. A warehouse management software is used maintaining accurate and current space inventory data
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