Air conditioning, Energy efficient systems KiB Clima Ltd.

K&B Clima Ltd has extensive experience in Energy efficient air conditioning systems of buildings with different purposes. In recent years we focused on the use of renewable energy sources.The reasons are: constantly increasing prices of petroleum products, electricity, solid fuels, pellets and more. On the other hand, environmental pollution is also a global problem. We began to build air-conditioning using energy of the Earth and sun.It is realized together with our partners from Germany and Austria-HAUTEC Gmbh companies and SONNENKRAFT Gmbh. We have a clear goal: to maximize lower operating costs for energy investment return between 2.5 and 5 years.Long lifetime of equipment, more than 15 years. K& B Clima Ltd. has all the teams for a full engineering of objects: geologists, engineers, installation, service, warranty and post warranty service of sites. Air Conditioners - Air Kolonen, Multi split, VRV | VRF with my industrial-conditioning, Air Duct, Cassette air conditioning, floor heating, underfloor heating, ceiling, wall conditioning, Wall-ceiling heating, Ceiling heating Energy Efficient Systems Lending program of energy efficiency at home - REECL - lending program of energy efficiency at home as an approved provider of loan program Energy. Efficiency at home company K & B Clima Ltd. is pleased to provide the following information for starting a new round of financing by the end of June 2011. Air to water - Air to water Heat pump systems are certainly the future, relatively simple to install machines, easy to use and safe to operate. There are heating and cooling buildings, apartments and houses. They can heat water for domestic use during the heating mode. Heating and cooling systems and technologies that make us better! Geothermal Systems - Geothermal systems Why pay for electricity? Use it for free from nature. HAUTEC Solar Systems - Solar systems. Forever wise. Zonenkraft solar system Services Design - IRB climate makes complete design and engineering VFV / VRF, Ventilation, Heat pump systems of air, water and refrigerant. Consultations - Consultation on draft and air conditioning equipment. If you need advice, advice on your selection, installation, cost of air conditioning, solar or geothermal system, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experienced specialists in the field will gladly help you make the right choice Service and maintenance - K and B Clima Ltd. has proven over the years for its company loyalty and integrity in performing warranty, warranty service and maintenance of the proposed technique. Warranty support is within the warranty period of the product. The complete warranty is achieved ... Installation and transport - Transport and installation of air conditioners. Dear customers, with this information we would like to inform you about the work and the prices of our services. We hold our customers to be completely satisfied, so we rely on high-quality assembly, which is a prerequisite for the proper operation of the air conditioner...
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