Energy and Energy Efficiency

Boilers and heaters - Tesy

TESY started manufacturing of new series oil filled radiators CB , LA and production of the entirely new product HEAT MACHINE. The company is starting the manufacture of five new models instantaneous...

Building 16V, Office 2.1. 2nd Floor

Electrical installations - Profi 08

Electric conductors, low voltage installations Profi - 08 deals with the construction of electrical, lightning protection, low voltage systems and automation zhilishttni and industrial buildings,...

KDK 2012 Petrol and gas station

KDK 2012 Petrol and gas station provides sale of petroleum products - offers fuel, gasoline, oils and qualitative LPG. Trade in fuels Automotive petrol Fuels for diesel engines Trade in...

Morava str., 18

PV and wind farms - Rodina Holding JSC

Production of ready-made clothing, designated for export Rodina Holding JSC is 100% private joint-stock company. It was registered as joint-stock company in 1995 in line with the privatization...


Water purification - BioTechnology Ltd.

BioTechnology Ltd. is a leading Bulgarian engineering company, specialized in the field of ecology and wastewater treatment projects. From conception to completion and throughout the entire lifecycle,...

Slatina, Curvature 5th Street

Recycling - ECO FENIX Ltd.

Sorting out, processing and recycling of secondary row materials Еco Fenix Ltd. Svishtov is a young and modern company which is working in the field of redemption, sorting out, processing and...

14th Stoyan Nikov Str

Recycling of packaging ECOPACK Bulgaria

Participation of ECOPACK Bulgaria in BUSINESS-EUROPE.BG - the First European business catalogue. Recycling of packaging ECOPACK Bulgaria

60 Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd., 1st Floor

Electrical installations Alan Engineering

Alan Engineering was established in 2007 and specializes in the field of electrical energy. Design, construction and maintenance of electrical installations, equipment, facilities Solar - energy...

4 Elitsa Str.

Plumbing and heating RUBIN 2001 Ltd.

RUBIN 2001 Ltd was founded in 1998 with main activity trade with pipes and drainage and heating materials. With Due to its loyal service, innovative solutions and flexible price policy, the company...

6 Zavodska Str.

Construction and repair work - Marger - Mario Milev

Construction and repair work, plumbing, electric installation Company ET Marger Mario Milev perform following construction repairs activities complete renovations of apartments and...

30 Krakra Str.

Construction and Repair Services - Miraplast 2002 Ltd.

Construction and repair services - dry wall, insulation, plumbing, electrical Miraplast 2002 Ltd. perform construction repair services, home repairs and external insulation of outdated buildings...

30 Alexander Stamboliiski Str

Electrical installation products - PTK Elkon

Manufacture of wiring devices PTK Elkon- Ruse was established in 1994 in ROS under the Cooperatives Act. In the beginning the main activity is production of wiring devices - particularly power...

73 Nikolaevska Str., fl. 11

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