Installation of LPG car systems and installation of car alarms Eco Motors Company Ltd. is established in November 2006. Initially its main activity is the installation of LPG car systems and installation of car alarms. Eco Motors Company Ltd. also has a car wash center and home cleaning of flooring service. In 2007 our service started selling, installing and servicing both the convection and the injection systems for propane-butane and methane, as well as repair services for electrical equipment of the vehicle. Staff of the company has many years experience in the installation of vehicle equipment for propane butane and methane, and therefore the quality of the services is very high. The company works exclusively with Italian systems for propane- butane and methane - Lovato and BRC brands, with Argentine systems of GN Group, as well as Bulgarian products of BSM - Sofia and Bardolino CARGAS. Team Eco Motors constantly monitor developments and new technologies in the automotive, thereby we give our customers an even more skilled and quality service. With us, your car will look like new! With Eco Motors your car feels greener, more economical and safer on the road!
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