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Avtoserviz KSIVI Ltd offers the following services: Sales of car windows with a lifetime warranty on installation Installation of automobile windows Car repair services Sales and installation of car alarms Autolocking systems of all types of vehicles Premium automobile windows from Avtoserviz KSIVI When windows is impossible to be restored KSIVI Avtoserviz offers new automobile windows.We work with original automobile windows of Pilkinton or chinese from Xug.The mounting adhesives which we use are of the famous company Sika.We can even restore the headlights of the car if they are plastic and are dim.Polishing of headlights is possible thanks to the technology of 3M Headlight Lens Restoration System.Its proven that the windshield brings 30% of the safety of the passengers in the car.When cracked the windshield of your car restricts the visibility on the road.In serious accidents if your windshield is not installed well, you may end up on the street where waits another danger of getting hit by another car.When cracked lights the cabin pressure is lost causing causing the misting of the windows and low visibility of the situation around you. Restoration of broken automobile windows Correction technology has not been invented by us. Since the 70s this service has been performed in the U.S. - the restoration of cracked automobile windows. In Bulgaria, many people confuse the restoration of broken automobile windows by gluing a broken automobile window, but the technology itself is the filling with a specially designed composite. After the autoglass repair itself, the place where the restoration is done on your windshield is processed in about 2-3 minutes with UV light and photopolymer becomes very hard, as hard as the window. The restoration of very cracked windshield is desirable to be done quickly to avoid contamination of the burst glass, which will reduce the actual quality of the bonding the windshield.Restoration of cracked automobile windows in Sofia may be made at the spot on the road as long as weather conditions are suitable for bonding windscreens. New automobile window price is always higher than the price to restore it.
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