Repairs of cars, vans and commercial vehicles Since its establishment company Korekt-2002 Ltd. is engaged in maintenance and repairs of cars, vans and commercial vehicles. For the period 2002-2008 the main objectives of our company were involved in building a modern and well equipped location, which subsequently allow for quick, quality and price-conscious process of customer service. Since 2009 our teams efforts are focused on corporate and individual client programs to meet new market conditions and business expectations. We employ excellent specialists in car repair operations with technical education and strong experience in the field. Working with an initial period of testing - they have to show and subsequently develop their own professionalism. Our quality is guaranteed by strict control which is followed by the manager of the service - an engineer with a degree in Internal Combustion Engines, personally interested in the proper performance of operations. The company is certified according to international standard ISO 9001:2000, to continuously improve the quality of goods and services. We are proud that we are one of the few independent shops offering a full range of activities and internal closed loop operations. Facilities and activities of the Auto Korekt 2002 Basic service and fast operations - servicing and repairs of cars including all types of mechanical and electronic diagnostics with modern equipment. Basic service and quick operations for trucks - Any repairs to cars and trucks. We also have the opportunity to provide a road assistance in Sofia region. Damage repairs - repairs of damages in our service turns into many well-equipped areas for restoration and painting with high quality materials within short deadlines. GTP - Service Korekt has a center for annual roadworthiness – hoist, brake dynamometer, gas analyzer, opacimeter, compressor, rig for adjustment of headlights. LPG - In service Korekt we routinely perform installation, diagnostics, repair and validation of the LPG-propane, LPG, methane - conventional installations and gas equipment. Air Conditioning Repair – Air condition system of each vehicle every year loses between 20 and 70 g of its reagent. Every year before the summer season, usually in April, each system must be diagnosed for its proper operation. Dismantling, balance and installation of tires -we perform precise fitting and balance of tires up to 22. As an additional service we offer and straightening of wheels. Here you can request delivery of new aluminum and steel wheels and tires for all car brands. Car Wash – Customers have access to the following services: exterior cleaning, wash, wash contactless, integrated washing (internal and external). Parking - Korekt Service has its own parking, indoor and outdoor spaces with daily surveillance and physical security control. Parking is suitable for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Additional facilities and activities of the Auto Korekt 2002 Roadside assistance – the service is provided within the city, and it’s free for corporate and family clients. It is available for clients who wants to use our repair services also. We can move all type of cars and light trucks. Hotel for tires - In order to satisfy the needs of its customers, from January 2010 Korekt complex has a warehouse for tires. During seasonal change of tires, each set is checked for defects and percentage of wear. Korekt 2002 Restaurant - The restaurant has 50 seats, with the possibility to increase. We have a rich and varied menu at very attractive prices, we organize weddings, banquets, birthdays and any other occasions. Installation of auto electronic accessories - service offers delivery and installation of alarm systems, audio, Parktronic, Xenon and radar systems. Korekt Service works with all importers of accessories and we are able to satisfy every customer need. Insurance – We watch closely terms and time schedules, which allows us to renew all the insurances automatically. We offer all types of property insurance. VIP service - This service provides discrete transport by road assistance or self-propelled vehicles by our assistants from your address on the need for maintenance, diagnostics and repair. Korekt 2002 Coffee –In the restaurant you can enjoy a cup of steaming coffee or cold soda, during your stay at the service. Home delivery of Supplies and Accessories - service is provided to corporate customers with car parks.
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