Solar and heating systems Solar Technology

Because Solar Technology was founded in 2004 and is one of the first companies in the North Black Sea region, specializing in design and construction of solar systems for hot water / hot water / heating and support. We have built dozens of sites within not only the region of Varna, but also in Bulgaria, even outside in. Because of the specificity of assembly activities, interconnection and facilitate after warranty service. Solar Technology specializes in designing and installation of all types of heating and plumbing systems. We offer name brand air conditioning and have a qualified team of installation. To our future customers who have no impression or review of our work, we are ready to provide references from our customers. Solar Technology is a representative of Varna and the region of leading Bulgarian manufacturers and direct importers of solar elements and heating systems, air conditioners and heat pumps as: Sunsystem Eldomivest BNNS Solarsistem Bramac Integral 2005 Tesi Bulgaria CLIMA Ltd. Geotok Ltd. Ecopower Ltd and others. We successfully combine business acumen with the design and fitter’s skills which kept us in the years of crisis or unfair competition. What distinguishes us is that all these years, thanks to our experience as a company-installer, we were able to choose and test products and materials that are best symbiosis of quality and price. Solar systems Solar Technology This is depicted schematically how they work with simplified solar water heater with an additional electric heater. The circulation of working fluid between solar collectors and the tank is made by the circuit elements: Solar collectors – solar convert energy into heat Pump group Differential controller Safety valve Emergency valve Air exchange Boiler ELDOM Invest - as a partner and company-installer we offer boilers ELDOMINVEST wholesale prices! Design, supply, installation of air conditioning systems from Solar Technology Solar Technology offers selected models of air conditioners from worlds leading manufacturers of BEST PRICE Heat pumps for heating and cooling from Solar Technology Heat pumps - air machines are the conversion of thermal energy. Use external free energy (air) and figuratively divide it into two parts: heat +55 ° C. or cold -5 ° C. Efficiency is defined as the ratio between the input pump power to the compressor and obtained useful thermal energy. In ambient air contains heat is extracted through a heat exchanger. At very low temperatures (external temperature -5 -15 ° C.) is automatically switched on an electric heater, with supporting work in these temperatures. On the territory of Bulgaria this electric heater works at night no more than 8-10 days a year. Aggregate result is: 1 part electricity = 2 to 4 parts useful heat or cold. Compared with the cooker is 3-4 times more efficiently. This determines the cost of your heating and running costs. Fuel for heating or cooling is lowest. Comfort and convenience are unmatched. These facts make the use of heat pumps the most preferred solution in this area by users. Heating systems from Solar Technology Wide Product Range radiators, boilers and fireplaces. Do not forget about the months bills for electricity and heating are an essential part of our costs. To save money and time do negative emotions, make reasonable Investments in efficient heating system with our help. Wide Product Range radiators, boilers and fireplaces, but we can respond to your every proposal Construction of all types of heating systems which professional project and quality materials we work with, have guaranteed efficiency. Repair of old heating systems, renovation of which often requires expertise and professionalism not kinder to save unnecessary costs to our customers Installation of electric, gas and solid fuel boilers, depending on the wishes and needs of the client Precision installation of radiators, the specific heating and financial preparedness of our clients Installation of the stove with water and without water jacket tending not only for comfort in your home, but rather saving costs. Free solar energy for heating water from Solar Technology Solar Technology offers solar heating of swimming pools from the sun at a great price. Absorbent of these solar systems for direct heating of water is protected from UV corrugated tube with a diameter of 25 mm, made of recyclable material certified for food. Corrugated structure of the tube triples the absorbent area reduced by 1/4 wall thickness required for its stability, as well as the time for heating the water in it. Advantages of Solar systems for direct heating of water from the sun Resistant to chlorine, salt and other compounds used in swimming pools Stable at storm and a temperature of - 35 ° C to + 125 ° C ° Resistant rodent bites Seamless and metal parts that can rust Allows manifold mounting flat and pitched roof, wall and fence of the land to private and public pools Use natural energy with zero tariff and decreases to 95% cost to conventional heating methods Low price
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